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Youth In Film and Television: Evan Kupersmith

This week, Atlanta Film and TV had a chance to interview Decatur, GA native and aspiring actor, Evan Kupersmith.

Atlanta Film and TV: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Evan Kupersmith: My name is Evan Kupersmith, and I am a rising Junior at Decatur High School in Decatur, GA. I love performing and have played the drums since I was four-years-old. I began singing and acting at eight-years-old. I dream of being a professional actor and performer and intend to pursue further training in the field after high school. In addition to acting, I love playing soccer, watching football, Rocky movies, Bruce Springsteen, and pizza.

Atlanta FIlm and TV: How did you get started in acting?

Evan Kupersmith: At the age of eight, I was in my first musical. I played Vulture Number 3 in The Jungle Book Jr.,and instantly fell in love with the art of acting. When I began middle school, I auditioned for my school’s musicals, and my love for performance continued to grow. As high school began, I decided that I want to further pursue acting and began to pursue on-camera acting jobs in the professional field.

Atlanta Film and TV: What was your first on-camera acting job?

Evan Kupersmith: My first on-camera acting job was with a TV show called The Rejects Club. I got the job through my subscription to, which is an online site that, in exchange for an annual fee, gives one access to lots of casting calls and auditions in your area. I auditioned in October of 2018, and was fortunate enough to be cast. We shot the pilot episode of the TV series in December of 2018 through January, 2019. Our team then began shopping the show to various network executives in an attempt to find investment. Unfortunately, the show has not yet been picked up, but our representatives are hard at work to find a deal.

Atlanta Film and TV: How do you balance school/friends/family with your acting career?

Evan Kupersmith: For me, school always has to come first, as I value my education very much. While on the set of The Rejects Club I brought lots of my books and schoolwork with me and worked on it whenever I wasn’t needed in front of the camera. While we were shooting, I was spending the majority of my time either in school or on set and wasn’t able to spend much time with my family or friends. However, they were always very supportive of me and my career and understood when I wasn’t able to spend time with them.

Atlanta Film and TV: What are some of your upcoming projects?

Evan Kupersmith: Recently, I was cast as “East,” in a theatrical production of the play Almost Maine. The show will open in October of 2019. Furthermore, I have recently been cast in an unnamed student short film, that will be shot during the summer of 2019. In addition, I am still active on and am always applying and auditioning for more roles in TV Shows, films, music videos and theatrical productions.

Atlanta Film and TV: What are your future endeavors in regards to acting?

Evan Kupersmith: This summer, I will be attending Syracuse University’s acting and musical theatre summer college program for high school aged students. I look forward to the opportunity to gain more experience and skill. After high school, I intend to major in acting or musical theatre in college to gain the proper training and preparation required to enter the very competitive field of performance.

Atlanta Film and TV: What is one piece of advice you have for someone your age who is aspiring to become an actor?

Evan Kupersmith: Anyone that wants to get into acting should be proactive! The best way to get into the business is to be really active and get your name around. Audition for as much as you can, and always keep an open mind. You never know what may turn into a life-changing career opportunity. Lastly, don’t give up! Acting is a very difficult field to break into, and it takes lots of time to gain some traction. Stay persistent and work hard, and you will be booking jobs in due time.

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