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Our Mission is to Serve, Empower, Engage, and Educate those that are a part of or looking to become involved in the Atlanta Film and TV community.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Q. Is Atlanta Film and TV a Casting Company? 

    A. No. We teach courses, post informative blogs, host events, and coach individuals in the          Atlanta Film and TV Industry.


2. Q. Is Atlanta Film and TV a Talent Agency?
    A. No we do not represent Talent.

3. Q. Do you all make personal calls?
    A. No we do not. Unless you are an approved consultation client and we decide to conduct our five-minute consultation with you. We do not discuss breaking-into the industry, etc. over the phone with those who are unsolicited. 

4. Q. Does Atlanta Film and TV post Casting Calls or Auditions? 
     A. No. 

5.  Q. Is Atlanta Film and TV a Production Company?
     A. No. You can however, schedule an appointment here.

 6.  Q. How can I be featured for your Conversations with  Atlanta's Movers  and Shakers series? 
      A. We only accept applications. We unfortunately will not be taking any applications until mid to late January 2023.

7.  Q. Are you currently hiring?

    A. No.

8 Q. Are you looking for Guest Bloggers?

     A. No. Unfortunately, we are not. 


9. Q.  Can Atlanta Film and TV assist me with booking jobs in film and television?

A. No. We are not a job placement site. Nor do we assist with  castings, or production gigs. 


10. Q. How can I be put on your mailing list? 

    A. You can do so by going to the Atlanta Film and TV website. 

11. Q. How can I get in touch with someone about covering a story, host a redcarpet, or book as a speaker?  
     A. You can send us an email to 

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