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Born and raised in Macon, Georgia, Eddie Johnson, III currently serves as Atlanta Film and TV's Video and Film Editor. Eddie  is both a Morehouse College, and Full Sail University Alumni, currently working as an Assistant Principal in the City Schools of Decatur. Eddie is married to Mandisa Johnson, and together they have three children. 

Eddie Johnson, III

Ronnel R. Parham


Originally from West Philadelphia, Ronnel R. Parham, relocated to Atlanta in 2021. Ronnel wears many hats within the Atlanta Film and TV community, having worked both in front and behind the camera as an Actor, Content Creator, Filmmaker, Writer, Director, and Producer. He's also a member of the Atlanta SAG-AFTRA Indie Outreach Committee and a Judge of the Daytime Emmys. Ronnel desires to encourage indie filmmakers in the Atlanta Film and TV Community and wants them to know the importance of their stories and ideas.Ronnel is one of Atlanta Film and TV's Atlanta's Movers and Shakers, featured July 25, 2022.


Myles Johnson, currently serves as Atlanta Film and TV's photographer and videographer. Myles is a recent Decatur High School graduate, and  aspires to work in the music industry. 

Myles Johnson


Madison Johnson, currently serves as Atlanta Film and TV's Youth Contributor for Film and TV. Madison is a high school  Junior, and aspires to work in media, film, and television. 

Madison Johnson

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