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What is Atlanta Film and TV?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Our mission is to serve, empower, engage, and educate those that are a part of or looking to get involved in the Atlanta Film and TV industry.

Atlanta Film and TV is a resource. We have over 270 informative blogs and have interviewed at least twenty Entertainment Industry professionals within the city of Atlanta and the state of Georgia for our Atlanta’s Movers and Shakers series. We offer coaching services for those looking to pursue a career in film and television. We have an eBook titled How To Jumpstart Your Acting Career in Atlanta which guides newer actors wanting to pursue a career in Film and Television. Lastly, we host numerous events such as a Coffee Chat and our Creative Juices Networking Event.

What We Are Not.

Atlanta Film and TV is not a Casting Company. We do not cast for film and television, nor do we post any casting calls on our website. We are also not a Talent Agency or Management Company.

For more on Atlanta Film and TV, be sure to subscribe to our website at

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