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Luther: Never Too Much Documentary at the 2024 Atlanta Film Festival

Growing up in the 80s and 90s was a different time musically. Radio was king, and there were few other alternatives to hear the latest music. I remember listening to the radio with my dad as we grilled hamburgers on Saturday nights, and the smooth sultry sounds of “Lutha,” better known as Luther Vandross, would come on the radio. His music was a soundtrack of sorts for my childhood. From the jingles to the slow jams and even the song “Here and Now” which was sung at my aunt and uncle’s wedding. His music connected to fond childhood memories, and why I was excited to screen the Luther: Never Too Much Documentary at the Tara Theater in Atlanta. 

As we walked into the theater, the old-school tunes played from Luther Vandross’ catalog heightened my anticipation. The documentary chronicled Vandross’ life and career in a light and humorous tone. There were some little-known facts and easter eggs littered throughout the documentary. The documentary also chronicled his fun-loving personality, some of his heart's deepest desires, and his well-known struggle with his weight. Throughout the documentary, we hear from many background singers, friends, and music industry contemporaries about  Vandross' immense talent. 

This documentary portrayed Luther Vandross as the class act we all remember him to be. 

We screened the Luther: Never Too Much Documentary as a part of the 2024 Atlanta Film Festival lineup and will keep you posted when the documentary is released to the general public.

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