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Three Things Not To Do in the Atlanta Film and TV Industry, Part 1

Photo by Ronny Sison on Unsplash

Ava’s desire is to relocate from her hometown Orlando, FL to Atlanta, GA to fulfill her life-long dream of becoming an actor. She recently quit her job as a customer service representative and for months, she’s saved thousands of dollars in order to relocate.

Realizing the cost of living in a decent place in Atlanta is beyond her means, Ava asks her mother’s older sister Tracy who lives right outside of Atlanta, and asks if she could stay with her in her guest room until she lands on her feet.

Before officially making the move, Ava searches for a job. Without much luck, her family attempts to convince her that “ it would be wise not to make the move and go back to her customer service job” Instead, Ava ignores her family and continues with her plan, packs her car and drives several hours non-stop to Atlanta.

While driving, Ava hears an ad on one of the local Atlanta radio stations about talent agency looking for talent at a mall in Atlanta. Excited, she pulls over, grabs her cell phone and uses the Internet to search for the “talent agency” website and registers for an audition time.

Once Ava arrives at her aunt Tracy’s she eagerly tells her about her audition.

“That is wonderful! Your mother and I have had numerous conservations about your ambitions of becoming an actor.”

“What do you think? Ava asks

I firmly believe that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Never allow anyone to deter you from your dreams."

That evening, Ava checks her email and notices that she’s received an inbox from the “talent agency” about her upcoming audition. She quickly clicks confirm and reads over the directions about the location and what she should consider wearing.

Two days later, Ava’s at the mall amongst hundreds of other talented people, looking to pursue acting. She walks up to a table where a young girl, sporting a black t-shirt with the “talent agency’s” name on the front, hands Ava a sheet of paper to read over.

“$100 to audition?” She asks herself. “Man, that’s a lot of money.”

Without hesitation, Ava grabs her wallet, opens it and whips out two fifty-dollar bills. She then signs her name on the dotted line and turns everything into the young girl. To which she hands Ava an audition number and told to take a seat.

Two-hours later, a guy wearing a matching talent agency’s t-shirt, runs towards the back calls for Ava’s number.

Ava springs from her seat and is rushed to the front of the mall where the auditions take place. She walks up the steps to the stage and is faced with an audience full of spectators and three judges on the floor.

Ava quickly recites a monologue from one of her favorite films and walks down the runway.

“I think you have what it takes to be an actor. We’ll be in touch.”

“That’s it?” Ava asks herself as she expeditiously exits the stage.

What is wrong with this scenario? What should Ava had done? Please share your comments below!

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