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Three of the Top Podcasts for Actors for 2021

Are you an actor, looking for a podcast to enhance your craft? Below is a list of three of the best podcasts for actors of 2021!

Back To One Actors on Acting

The no-nonsense, in-depth, actors-on-acting podcast from Filmmaker Magazine. Hosted by Peter Rinaldi. One working actor every episode doing a deep dive into their approach to the craft. No small talk, no celebrity stories, no inane banter—just the work.

Interested in this podcast? Click here!

Ignite Your Acting Career Hosted by Frank Faucette

An acting podcast that offers insight and actionable tips to Ignite Your Acting Career. Frank shares tips and advice that will put you on your way to getting real auditions, acting naturally, and getting one step closer to making your dream a reality.

Interested in this podcast? Click here.

Are you a voice actor? This podcast is for you!

Voice Acting Mastery with Jon Bailey

I started Voice Acting Mastery for all aspiring voice actors, no matter where they might be located! I wanted to find a way to reach everyone who wanted to learn how to voice act. I also teach voice acting workshops both online and in the Los Angeles area.

To check out this podcast, click here.

Do you have a favorite podcast for actors not mentioned in this post? Send us an email to

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