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Three Events in the "A" week of June 28-July 4

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

July 1

Catapult Acting presents Virtual On-Camera w/Vivi Chavez| Baseline| Adults

“This virtual acting class is designed for actors with little to no film/TV experience. This course will focus on the basics of on-camera acting and provide the tools necessary to bring characters to life. Students will learn the basics of cinematic storytelling and the audition process by doing weekly in-class rehearsals as well as filming the scenes. They will also learn about important industry terminology and on-set responsibilities.

Class focal points

Learn the foundations for on-camera acting

Understand industry terminology and crew positions and responsibilities

Gain valuable experience working on-camera and in front of a class”

For more information, check out this class on Catapult Acting Studios website

Deadline to apply for the Fall 2020 Filmmaker Grant

The Fall 2020 Grant is a no-strings-attached (sort of) grant to support Georgia based filmmakers in producing short film content to practice their craft and further their skills as filmmakers.

To qualify, you must be a Georgia based filmmaker and have plans to shoot the film in the next year in Georgia. This grant is for *SHORT FILMS ONLY

For more information and to apply for this grant, check out the Filmmaker Grant on the Film Impact Georgia website.

July 5 - August 5

Atlanta Film Society Presents Indie Film Society: Complete Your Investor Materials, Lookbook, Funding and Distribution Plan, and Pitch in Weeks

“Students will leave the class with:

A logline and synopsis

An investor packet

A lookbook

An understanding of film finance and a personalized plan for how to go out and raise theirs

An understanding of the film festival and distribution landscape and an initial plan for their project, so as to be able to integrate before production

A polished verbal "elevator pitch" for the project and an understanding of how to pitch in a long-form setting with financiers.”

For more information and to purchase tickets, check out the event on the Atlanta Film Society website.

Do you know of an event not mentioned in this blog post? Send us an email at

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