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Three Events in the "A" Week of July 27-August 1

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

July 31

Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center Presents A Timely Conversation and Q&A

"Groundbreaking Female Directors on the urgency to tell stories of black women and disrupting the status quo."

For more information and to register for this online event, click here.

August 1-8

Atlanta Film Society presents Screenwriting 101:Diverse Voices and Stories

“This screenwriting course is created for underrepresented and minority writers to develop stories that are often untold. While the course will also focus on the basic tenets of screenwriting including structure, tone, and character, its main focus will be to help writers discover their inner voice and write stories that break convention.”

For more information and to register, click here.

August 1-31

Atlanta Film Society Presents Directing From The Heart

“If you've ever thought your gift was given to you by accident, your gift to create, just know that you and your unique voice were brought to this world on purpose. You, artist, were born to create greatness; to build moving pieces of art that have been birthed to shape the world. Join us in the Directing from the Heart Intensive where you will be able to tap into that unique perspective and find your creative voice. Directing from the Heart is geared towards helping directors and actors breathe life into their work while bringing authentic performances to the screen.

Different techniques used in this class will be:

1. Developmental Character study

2. Understanding your why in the material

3. How to communicate your vision with actors as well as creating a tone on set

4. Revealing your strength in authenticity

5.Studying taped performances from class and performances from films

6. One-on-one with the instructor

7. Opportunity for Directors and actors to work together by being paired off to work a

scene and then critique (virtually)

The class will culminate in a live workshopped performance in front of family, friends, and industry professionals. Students will walk away with a virtual workshopped performance to keep."

For more information and to purchase tickets click here.

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