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The South Got Something to Say Documentary at the 2024 Atlanta Film Festival

Produced by Tyson and Ryon Horne, The South Got Something To Say pulls footage from an archive, spanning the first 50 years of hip-hop as well as interviews with Atlanta icons.

 Growing up as an aspiring rapper in Macon, GA in the 90’s, I aspired to reach the heights that these artists reached as natives of the Georgia hip-hop scene.  As I was watching the documentary, I was taken back to those times in my mind’s eye.  My cousins and I would spend nights and weekends “freestyling” over many of the beats from these artists.  I was honored to ask the producers of the film the following question:

Atlanta Film and TV:  What would you like teens and new artists from Atlanta to know about the struggle, and what should they take away from this project? 

The Horne Brothers: Making an hour-and-a-half documentary is extremely hard. Especially in a city like Atlanta and its culture. But, I think that it was important for people to know about Dallas Austin and what he did. People need to know about Jermaine Dupri and that he was there from the very beginning of the essence of hip hop and his contributions to this world and the country. What I want kids (especially my son) to take away from this documentary is what shapes me as being his father gives him an understanding of why I say the things I say or the language I use. I think especially the way that Atlanta continues to correct itself, and we’re in a position right now where the city has to correct itself and try to show these things through the stories we write. 

I think for kids to see - and I’ve always believed that you don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re from, which gives an opportunity just like the eye is on the prize for me back in the day, I would say this is the eye on the prize for some of the kids these days,  to see where they came from. 

Click here for more on The South Got Something to Say Documentary.

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