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JumpStart Your Acting Career Today!

Why will our E-Book help Aspiring Actors?

One of the main reasons why I started Atlanta Film and TV, was to become a resource for those in the Atlanta market, looking for their questions to be answered about the film industry. A few years ago, I was an admin in a Facebook Group (that will remain nameless) that catered to background actors. Sometimes, I would share casting calls and people would ask me to submit for them - even though I wasn’t their talent agent. (SIDENOTE: In all honesty, you DO not need a talent agent when submitting for background roles.) If you have a “talent agent” submitting you for background roles, then you need to run away from them, QUICKLY!

Secondly, I have had numerous people send me a DM on Instagram and Facebook or via email, stating they would love to work in film and television, but don’t know where to start and would ask if I could help them. Our e-book How To JumpStart Your Acting Career in Atlanta will show you which direction to go from starting as Background Talent to when you’re looking to further your career.

Highlights from our E-book

  • What do you need to submit as background talent?

  • What happens once you book a role?

  • What not to do once your on set

  • List of headshot photographers

  • List of reputable acting classes

And, much more!

You can get all this for only $7.99!

To purchase go to

And, if you become a subscriber you’ll receive 20% off!

Be on the lookout for our Actor’s Career Coaching program!

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