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Los Angeles ,California - An independent Black-woman led production company, House of Deborah Jane Studios,flying from California to Georgia to shoot this hip-hop musical film on October 29th in Athens Georgia . The production use the revolutionary language of hip-hop to tell the story that time travels back into slavery — because hip-hop is the language of the people. The dynamic social and spiritual mission of Strange Fruit is to ignite healing and racial reconciliation in America — especially in the wake of the recent 2020 social justice movements. By unearthing America's haunted past, we meet the moment of America's racial reckoning through powerful musical cinema. After all, in order to go forward... one must go back.

Imagine a powerful Black woman in the 21st century being thrust back into the 1800s as a slave with only one chance to escape back to her reality. This is the story of LASHELLE ROBINSON, a spit-fire Wall Street executive, who travels back in time to rescue her ancestor, INKA, from a murderous lynching – all to lift the curse off her white fiancé, TODD DECATUR. He'sthe love of her life, but it is his ancestors that killed hers.

Precocious teen underground railroad conductor, JUNE, guides LaShelle through time. Strange Fruit is told through rap, song and dance — like Hamilton. In epic scope, we see it as Les Miserables for people of color.

Oct 29, 2022- Filming Cotton Fields Scene Production

– Athens, Georgia:

Although this a closed set, we will invite select journalists, news stations and members of the press for an exclusive sneak peak of the filming of one scene: a musicalized cotton fields scene in Athens, Georgia. Press will get a behind-the-scenes look at not just a movie, but what has the potential to become a movement.

Our team of 60 cast and crew are an overwhelmingly multicultural, independent team of both Atlanta-based and Hollywood artists who came together with one goal -- to tell this story that needs to be told. The scene will be released and distributed on the internet, with the goal of attracting larger film studios.

Production Company: House of Deborah Jane Studios is an independent faith-based production company committed to creating dynamic content for an expanding and explosive multicultural market. We create innovative film, television and digital stories and specialize in musicals. Our mission is to make a cultural and spiritual impact by championing diversity, women and voices who have been traditionally ignored in society, but now demand to be seen on screen.

Visit website for upcoming film production releases.

For Media Inquiries

Contact:Latoya Stegall

Email: publicitypresschic@gmail. com

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