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Black Women Film Network Summit, 2019

This past weekend, Atlanta Film and TV had the opportunity to attend The Black Women Film Network Summit as a media outlet.

“The Black Women Film Network summit is “an annual three-day event taking place during Women’s History Month which celebrates the work of women of color in film and television and provides attendees with networking opportunities, information resources to further their careers in the industry.”

The three-day event includes A Scholarship & Awards Ceremony, the BWFN Short Film Festival hosted by HBO and a full day of workshops which included the BWFN book festival.

Some of the workshops included, Red Carpet Hosting with Summer Jackson and Jasmine Adams, Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe Panel with Hope Searcy, Kelvin Meyers, and Kash Howard as well as The Art of Engagement: Social Media and Brand Building with Tahira Wright and Lexi Felder.

Some of the highlights from the Social Media and Brand Building workshop were:

1. Be clear about your message

2. Work within your network

3. Know what your look is and to be confident.

4. Know what platform fits your audience.

5. Post content within your following.

6. Your picture and your caption can determine a lot.

7. When using hashtags BE STRATEGIC!

8. Make your brand a hashtag.

9. People tend to want more authentic pictures than professional ones and filters

Towards the end of the summit on Saturday, an awards ceremony took place and several films that were screened at the BWFN short film festival were awarded. Raney Branch for best actor in Black Girls Guide To Fertility, Sela Films for best editing for her film, Utopia and The top award was given to a group of young ladies all the way from Jamaica for their short film “Flight.

Atlanta Film and TV enjoyed networking with women who are writers, creators, and filmmakers of color and we look forward to attending more BWFN events in the future!

For more information about the Black Women Film Network and the Black Women In Film Summit, be sure to check out their website!

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