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Atlanta Film and TV visits Pinewood Forest, Part I!

Atlanta Film and TV was invited to explore Pinewood Forest, which is “a town purpose-built for an ecosystem of healthy, thriving creators makers and storytellers.” Pinewood Forest is located just 25 minutes from Atlanta and 20 minutes from Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta airport in Fayetteville, GA. With Atlanta as the “New Hollywood of the South,” one of the most appealing features of Pinewood Forest is that it’s located across the street from the Pinewood Atlanta Studios, which is “the number one filming location in the world” and where a number of recent films were shot, such as “Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, Infinity War and Black Panther” as well as several TV series such as “The Walking Dead and Stranger Things.”

“A few years ago, Dan Cathy (President and CEO of Chick-Fil-A) partnered with Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom. It was found that “on any given day, people who were working on a production at the Pinewood Atlanta Studios were having to drive 45 minutes (plus) to get to and from work, which doesn’t work well when people are working the incredibly long hours on set that are standard in the film industry.”

Facts About Pinewood Forest

- Pinewood Forest currently has 135 homes total completed or under construction

Once Pinewood Forest is completed there will be (this includes Tiny Homes, Town Houses Estate Homes, and Hotel Rooms )

- 800 homes

- 600 apartments

- 1400 front doors

- 300 hotel rooms

The square mileage of Pinewood Forest is

- 234 square miles

Stay tuned for a blog post about our experience at Pinewood Forest!

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