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Multi award-winning, writer & film director, Phil Stevens

ATLANTA, GA (May 22, 2024)  - Excitement surrounds an important project currently in the works, a short film titled “The Chasm.” This film delves into the complex and often painful gap that can develop between parents and their children, especially in the aftermath of trauma.

Logline: In an attempt to heal their broken relationship, a grieving father takes his rebellious daughter on a hike to her late mother’s favorite spot, where they confront their shared grief and find a path to reconciliation.

"The Chasm, '' was written with the intention of creating healing through its impact. This powerful story highlights the importance of family, emotional healing, and reconciliation and has the potential to inspire viewers to mend their own fractured relationships. Once the film is completed, it will be put to immediate and impactful use. “The Chasm” will be utilized by the renowned international organization Family Foundations who specializes

in helping individuals heal from various forms of trauma, including sexual abuse,

generational curses, and childhood wounds. Through their curriculum, they will share this film worldwide, empowering parents to understand the importance of persistently pursuing their children and bestowing blessings upon them, even into adulthood.

Join our effort in creating a film capable of changing lives. “The Chasm” is currently raising contributions to bring it to life. Each contribution of $25 or more will result in an invitation to an Atlanta based private screening of the film. Any and all contributions are appreciated. Be part of creating an impactful film and make a pledge today by visiting Seed & Spark.

Phil Stevens, the writer/director behind this project, has won multiple Telly Awards in both the Directing and Cinematography categories and received the Best Short Film Director award at the 2019 International Christian Film & Music Festival for his work on "Something Blue."This story truly resonates with me because I have two beautiful, very different daughters that I am always desperately trying to stay connected with,” says Stevens, “As a father, it is my job to tell them 'you're beautiful', 'you're valuable', 'you should always be treated with respect and dignity' and 'I will never STOP pursuing your heart.'”

Lead roles will be played by Phil Stevens, Denise Santos, and Marlee Mattadeen, in their second film together, having previously come together on a film that raised $840k towards domestic violence aid. Supporting Stevens on this endeavor behind the scenes is Emmy nominated, award winning producer Alahna Lark and Mikayla Lebel.

Multi award-winning writer & film director, Phil Stevens (photo credit: Kaleb Rodriguez)

Marlee Mattadeen

Phil Stevens, Marlee Mattadeen, and Denise Santos

Producer Alahna Lark (Photo Credit: John Adams)

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