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Atlanta Film and TV Interviews Gavin Munn, from the Netflix Original Series, Raising Dion!

Actor Gavin Munn

Last week, Atlanta Film and TV had the opportunity to FaceTime with eleven-year-old actor Gavin Munn “who is an up and coming SAG-AFTRA actor, who began his career at the age of 4. He’s played alongside Zac Efron, Robert De Niro, and Aden Young.” You can currently see him as Jonathan King on the Netflix Original Series, Raising Dion, and on The Righteous Gemstones as Abraham Gemstone.

Atlanta Film and TV: Could you give our readers some background on who you are and what it is you do in the film and television industry?

Gavin Munn: I’m Gavin Munn, and I play Jonathan on Raising Dion and Abraham on The Righteous Gemstones. When I’m on the set of Raising Dion, everyone thinks I’m funny because I’m always dancing. And, I’m always making jokes on the set of The Righteous Gemstones. However, I enjoy working on both sets because they’re fun!

Atlanta Film and TV: When did you discover your love for acting?

Basically my entire life! I started talking at one-years-old. And, I always had a love for entertaining, and when I discovered acting I thought to myself, wow! This is definitely gonna work!

What was your first on-camera acting role and how old were you?

I did a commercial for a car business at two-years-old. And, I did my first professional on-camera acting role at five, on Rectify, and basically, my acting career just took off from there!

Atlanta Film and TV: What was the audition process like for your role as Jonathan King on Raising Dion?

Gavin Munn: It’s a pretty funny story. I was in Cuba at the time when I got the invitation to audition. When I finally went to the audition, I tried out for the role of Chris, but the Casting Directors ended up giving that role to someone else. And, I wound up auditioning for the role of Jonathan, and when I auditioned, I was both scared and nervous because not only did I not have my skateboard, but all the other kids who auditioned for the role were good. Then, I realized that you only needed a skateboard. But, of course, I wound up getting the role - which I’m thankful for!

Atlanta Film and TV: What went through your mind when you finally booked the role of Johnathan?

Gavin Munn: I was excited because I love skateboarding, and getting a skateboarding role was really what I always wanted. Also, getting a role with a superhero with a lot of cool CGI.

Atlanta Film and TV: What was it like playing alongside Ja’Siah Young and Sammi Haney?

Gavin Munn: It was great! They probably think I’m a little weird because I was dancing all day! But, Ja’Siah was always making jokes and Sammi was such an easy friend to make. She was always smiling and making other people smile. It’s just great to know both of them!

Gavin Munn with Ja'Saih Young

Atlanta Film and TV: Could you share with our readers about The Righteous Gemstones and your character Abraham Gemstone?

Gavin Munn: Our family on The Righteous Gemstones were a little crazy and sometimes a bit naughty. But, my character Abraham Gemstone, is the good one out of them and the sweet little brother. But - for now!

Gavin Munn, with Adam Devine on the set of The Righteous Gemstones

Atlanta Film and TV: While working on any film project, how do you balance learning your lines, working on set, friends, and your schoolwork?

Gavin Munn: I’ve always been good at learning my lines. And, When I’m on-set, I have a teacher and I love working with a teacher one-on-one because it’s definitely different from when I’m at school. My friends at home are very supportive, and I’m grateful for that. And, I love how I can make friends wherever I go onto different sets.

Atlanta Film and TV: What is the best piece of advice you could give someone your age wanting to pursue a career in acting?

Gavin Munn: You’ll need to have a lot of commitment because you’re going to get rejected a lot. And, everything definitely happens for a reason. And, know that you might not get a role because of your hair, or it could be something else. But, don’t give up.

Be sure to follow Gavin Munn on Instagram @gavinwmunn and stay tuned for Season 2 of Raising Dion!

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