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3 ways to tell if a talent agency is a SCAM!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Photo by Marvin Esteve on Unsplash

There has been an explosion of opportunities in the Atlanta Film industry over the past few years. No matter where you are in the city, you either see a new film studio opening signs that leads to the location of a film or TV show filming. What an exciting time for local talent waiting on their chance to shine! In our first blog post, “ 9 Ways to go from the background to the foreground” we shared that one of the ways to do that was to shop around for talent agents. Yes, you do have to do your research BUT, do you honestly know how to tell if a talent agency is legitimate or not?

Talent Agents NEVER charge a fee.

1. Talent agencies NEVER charge an upfront fee! Talent agents only get paid 10-20 percent of an artist's earning.

2.  Beware if they require you to take pictures with their in-house photographer.

Talent agents will recommend their talent to do photoshoots with known photographers OUTSIDE of the agency.


3.  Will never pressure you into signing their contract.

If you’re ever offered a contract with a talent agency, have an attorney read over it, BEFORE signing your name on the dotted line.

Here is a shortlist of legitimate talent agencies in Atlanta.

Is there a scam that you’ve encountered with a talent agency? If so, please comment below!

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