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2024 Atlanta FIlm Festival; The Idea of You Review

The Idea of You stars Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine

The Idea of You, stars Anne Hathaway as Solene and Nicholas Galitzine as Hayes Campbell of the popular fiction boy band August Moon. As someone who loves music, and boy bands like One Direction,  the actors did amazing at their portrayal and not making fun of boy bands, as they genuinely enjoyed being members of a band. 

The book based on the film  written by Robinne Lee, is a fan fiction about Harry Styles, formerly of One Direction, which by the way isn't necessarily about him. I do, however, feel as though Nicholas Galtzine, cast as the lead character of Hayes, was a great choice as he replicated many of the same dance moves as Harry Styles. On the other hand, Anne Hathaway was amazing because before I screened this film, I honestly thought her character would be younger than Hayes’ - which I thought was a plot twist, considering her character celebrated her 40th birthday.

In conclusion, I  thoroughly enjoyed The Idea of You; and I am sure the target audience will be fangirls who love anything boyband-related!

The Idea of You is out now on Amazon Prime!

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