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Youth In Film and Television: Patricia Annette Terrell.

Patricia Annette Terrell

Atlanta Film and TV continues to honor youth who work in film and television and this week, we introduce actress Patricia Annette Terrell!

Atlanta Film and TV: Can you tell us a little about yourself and about how you got started in your acting career?

Patricia Annette Terrell: I am 7 ½ years old and I have lived in Georgia all my life. I am in the first grade at Bramlett Elementary and I have an older brother, two dogs, and a cat. I love to ride my scooter and play outside. I have always loved to act and sing since I was very little. My mom has lots of videos of me singing songs from Frozen and Into the Woods. I also like to dance and do karate! When I was 5, my mom was driving to work and she saw a billboard that had “SHINE” auditions written on it. My mom called and found out more information about it. I auditioned for it and started taking acting and modeling classes with them at Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ (AMTC). We had a Showcase in front of lots of casting directors, agents, and managers. I got a bunch of callbacks and that is how I met my manager and my agent. I started taking more classes at The Actors Scene and started getting auditions for commercials and TV shows.

Atlanta Film and TV: Tell us about your first on-camera job.

Patricia Annette Terrell: My first on-camera job was for the movie, Nappily Ever After. I played a swimmer in the opening scene. It took ALL DAY to film just that one scene! But I got to swim and play in the pool, which was so awesome! My mom got to be an extra in the movie, too! They fed us LOTS of food, and I got to meet some really famous people! I got my picture taken with Ernie Hudson which was so cool! I learned a lot about how movies are filmed and it made me really want to keep acting.

Atlanta Film and TV: How do you balance school, friends, extracurricular activities, acting, learning your lines, and spending time with your family?

Patricia Annette Terrell: I have missed some school this year because of auditions and filming. Sometimes it’s hard to balance everything and sometimes I have had to miss out on a birthday party before because I was shooting a commercial. I take acting classes once a week and my mom rotates me through gymnastics, soccer, karate, and dance every few months--- I haven’t found my favorite sport yet, so I am trying different ones out.

My dad was diagnosed with cancer in December, so I have been spending a lot more time with him since he is not working. We love to go to the playground and Ace Hardware together. I spend a lot of time with my mom, too. We love watching TV together and just hanging out.

Atlanta Film and TV: Can you share with us any upcoming projects that you’re working on?

Patricia Annette Terrell: I just finished shooting a web-series episode that the director hopes will be picked up by Netflix. I also just auditioned for three different movies! One is for a new Marvel film that is supposed to come out next year. The second one was for a movie with Mel Gibson and Charlie Hunnam, and the last one was for a movie that will be shot in Augusta this summer. I am hoping that I get at least one of the parts!!!

Atlanta Film and TV: What is one piece of advice that you have for someone your age, wanting to become on-camera talent?

Patricia Annette Terrell: Just have fun with it! Don’t get upset if you don’t get a part. I have learned a lot by watching my auditions and from listening to feedback from my coaches, which helps me do better next time.

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