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Top Five Screenwriting Fellowships of 2021

Are you a screenwriter, looking to perfect your craft? Or, are you looking for any fellowships for screenwriters to apply to this year? Below is a list of five of the best fellowships for screenwriters to apply to for 2021.

Nickelodeon Writing Program

This TV writing fellowship offers promising writers the chance to work in a salaried role that sees them participating in writers’ rooms, pitching ideas, and writing scripts for animation and live-action shows.

There are two tracks to the Nickelodeon Writing Program: the 9-month General Track and the 6-month Preschool Track which focuses on writing scripts developing ideas for preschool viewers.

The program is considered one of the best screenwriting fellowships for writers who want to develop an industry network while getting hands-on experience.

Who can and how to apply?

Both US-based and international writers can apply for this fellowship program, with international writers offered the opportunity to gain a 6-month salaried position.

International writers need to be eligible for a J-1 Visa and meet the criteria for either an Intern or Trainee.

Applications are completed online and PDF spec scripts need to be based on a series included on the writing program’s Accepted Shows list.

Application Deadlines

• August 1, 2021.

Click here for more information.

CBS Writers Mentoring Program

This CBS Writers Mentoring Program doesn’t just allow writers to develop scripts, it provides them with a dedicated mentor who guides them through the creative process.

After the eight-month program, each writer takes part in a 16-week workshop designed to open doors within the television business and allows them to gain access to producers, managers, agents, and executives.

Designed to help diverse writers break in and get a foot on the ladder, this screenwriting fellowship should be top of your list if you’re a new writer hoping to write for television.

Who can and how to apply?

Writers can submit two writing samples, including a stage play, short fiction story, original pilot, or spec script, using an online application form.

International applicants are welcome but writers will need to pay for their own travel and accommodation.

Application Deadlines

• June 4, 2021

Click here for more information.

NBC Writers On The Verge

By helping TV writers prepare industry pitches and develop new samples, the focus of this program is getting up-and-coming TV writers staffed. This program might be right for you if you’ve got experience writing and pitching, but feel like you’re missing a bit of ‘polish.’

FYI: Writers on the Verge doesn’t accept spec scripts. Instead, hopefuls must submit two original live-action television pilots in the same genre.

Click here for more information.

Warner Bros Writing Workshop

The Warner Bros. Television Writing Workshop ultimately offers chosen applicants the chance to become a staff writer on a television show produced by Warner Bros.

This is among the longest standing of the best screenwriting fellowships, having been running for over 40 years and up to eight lucky writers are selected each year.

The workshop runs October through March and includes weekly meetings, lectures. and simulated writers’ rooms designed to help writers create a new spec script.

With thousands of hopeful writers applying each year, the stakes are high for this fellowship.

Who can and how to apply?

Writers can apply for the Warner Bros Writing Workshop online and their application will need to include a resume, personal statement, and either a comedy or drama spec script for a show on the Accepted Shows List.

Writers over the age of 18 who can work in the US and haven’t already been a staff writer on a show can apply.

Application Deadlines

May 2021, TBC

Click here for more information.

Austin Screenwriting Competition

This screenwriting contest continues to open doors by creating a networking system for new writers to further their career within the industry.

Industry professionals recognize the Austin Film Festival as one of the best screenplay contests in 2021, with representatives from agencies and production companies participating in the judging process.

Past judges include Focus Features, Lightstorm Entertainment, CAA, and more.

Deadlines and Entry Fees

Features, Teleplay, and Shorts

• Early: March 26, 2021 ($45 entry fee)

• Regular: April 16, 2021 ($60 entry fee)

• Late: May 21, 2021 ($70 entry fee)

Contest prizes.

• Cash prizes of $2,500 (Narrative Feature, Documentary Feature), $1,000 (Narrative Short, Dark Matters Feature, Comedy Vanguard Feature), $500 (Narrative Student Short, Animated Short, Documentary Short

• Reimbursement (up to $500) of round-trip airfare to attend AFF>

• Reimbursement of hotel accommodations at an AFF hotel (up to $500)

• AFF Typewriter Award

• The winning films in the Narrative Short, Documentary Short, and Animated Short categories are eligible to be nominated for an Academy Award.

Click here for more information.

Is there a screenwriters fellowship that you’d consider to be one of the best fellowships of 2021? Let us know by filling out this form!

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