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Three Tips for Networking

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In our last blog post, we shared three Atlanta entertainment industry networking events. In this blog post, we share three things to remember when networking. Please note, the things listed are things that you can bring to any networking event within any industry.

Have your Business Cards on Hand

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As an entertainment industry professional, you’re always meeting and networking with people and should always have your business card on hand. According to, business cards “are the most effective marketing tool. You can encounter a potential lead, or contact at any time -- trade shows, industry conferences, happy hour, lounges, and arming yourself with business cards at all times will ensure that you never miss an opportunity to make a valuable business connection.”

Don’t talk excessively about yourself

When networking with new people within the industry, it’s important to listen to what the other person has to say. For instance, Hannah Fleishman states in a blog post titled, 13 Networking Mistakes You Need To Stop Making that, “a lot of people use networking as an opportunity to hard-sell themselves and that is a big mistake! You should use networking to make new connections and leave great impressions on those connections. Stealing the spotlight to talk about all the amazing things you’ve done, isn’t how you connect with someone.”

Do you need a headshot?

Photo by Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash

If you’re an actor, sometimes bringing your headshot with you to a networking event is appropriate. For instance, if there’s a networking event where filmmakers are looking to cast their indie projects. There are other times a headshot isn’t necessary. Sometimes there are industry networking events, where people mostly just want to converse and connect.

Do you have any tips that you may use when networking? Send us an email to

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