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The importance of investing in yourself

Updated: Apr 24

Invest in yourself, whether you are an experienced entertainment industry professional or looking to break in.

What Does It Mean to Invest in Yourself?

You might be asking, what does it mean to invest in yourself?According to, investing in yourself is the practice of making yourself into a more experienced, well-rounded person through different tasks, goals, and activities. This may include reading more, creating a schedule for yourself or taking a class. If you invest in yourself, you may see improvements in your productivity and happiness. You may also gain new skills or create positive habits, which can benefit you personally and professionally.

What Does it Look Like?

For those looking to enhance their career in the film and tv community, investing in yourself means taking acting classes and workshops. It means attending networking events to meet and connect with people. Attend film festivals and screenings. It also means paying for headshots, creating demo reels, and audition coaches. If you’re like me, you may want to go to school for courses that will help you learn the business of entertainment, or if you’re a writer, take screenwriting courses to either learn the art of screenwriting or enhance your skills as a screenwriter. There are many other ways to invest in yourself in the film and tv community. But, always be willing and open to learning new things.

Tips for Investing in Your Career

  • Be willing to work a job on the side to afford attending networking events, etc. These jobs may include working as a substitute teacher, driving for Uber or Lyft, etc.

  • Put some of the money you make aside for headshots, events, etc.

  • Be willing to pay and attend networking events. These events are usually between $10 - $20. NEVER EVER email event organizers asking if you can be on a payment plan to attend their event.

  • Continue learning your craft by taking classes and workshops.

Return on Investment

Here is the big idea. Becoming an actor, screenwriter, or content creator costs. Remember you are not just flushing money down the toilet, however, you are looking for a return on your investment. That $500 you spend in acting classes and attending networking events could land you a national commercial role that pays you thousands!

Do you have any tips on how you invest in your career in film and tv? Send us an email to

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