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The Importance of Building Relationships

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

A few weeks ago, someone sent Atlanta Film and TV a flyer for an event they were hosting. Just a flyer. There was no formal introduction or what they wanted us to do with it. So much so, they took it upon themselves to send a second copy. After receiving the third copy, we asked what they wanted Atlanta Film and TV to do with it? Their response was highly distasteful, to the point where the sender decided they felt Atlanta Film and TV was obligated to share their event.

I have said this before, but - Atlanta Film and TV is in no way obligated to share anything. Atlanta Film and TV is not obligated to share things that are not beneficial for our platform, specifically if there's no relationship built.

Relationship building is essential in the film and television industry because you don’t know how the person you’re building a relationship with can help you. Upon meeting them, you don’t know who they are connected to, or how they can help take your career to the next level. So, remember it’s ALWAYS important to present yourself professionally when building relationships with others and reaching out to businesses.

Here’s what we at Atlanta Film and TV say regarding building relationships (This is advice for any platform and or business)

  1. ALWAYS be sure to introduce yourself.

2. Be humble in your request.

3. Be sure to include what it is you would like Atlanta Film and TV to do.

4. If you’re sending us a flyer for an event, be sure to include any pertinent background information for your event.

5. Think about how what you’re asking will be beneficial to not just only your platform.

6. Never question a platform and or a business, why they build relationships with others. Especially, if they have a larger platform/audience than yours.

7. And remember, NO one is obligated to share anything on their platform.

After our unpleasant interaction with the sender and because of their distasteful responses, Atlanta Film and TV will NEVER work with this particular person. So, beware of how you respond to anyone who states how they do business.

Think about it. What could’ve happened if this person wasn’t as distasteful as they were in their interaction?

You can do so by sending us an email at

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