The Business Side of Entertainment, A Conversation with the Co-Founders of XC Creative Spaces

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

A few weeks ago, Atlanta Film and TV chatted with the founders of XC Creative Spaces, twin entrepreneurs D'Andre and Denard Ash.

What is XC Creative Spaces?

XC Creative Spaces is a place for artists, leaders, and entrepreneurs to create, collaborate, and launch their ideas. XC offers co-work memberships, event space, and creative space for television and film projects.

XC Creative Spaces was founded by Denard Ash and D’Andre Ash in the historic Auburn Ave/MLK district. They are missional artists who create businesses, programs, books, schools, and all sorts of communities to make the world more beautiful. And because they are artists, nothing brings them more joy than to create.

Co-Founder of XC Creative Spaces, D'Andre Ash

Co-Founder of XC Creative Spaces, Denard Ash

The pandemic gave us permission to express uniquely who we are, with a fraction of the cost. It prevented us from making investments that we didn’t need to make. It forced us to make smart decisions, to think smaller, (not to think smaller) but, to think in a more efficient way, to be more agile, and thinking that way has produced bigger results.

- D’Andre Ash, co-founder of XC Creative Spaces

Check out our interview below!

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