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The Business Side of Entertainment - A conversation with Reviews In Black and Cinemationship Box

The Atlanta Film Industry is filled with those who work in film and television, BUT let's not forget an important aspect which is the business side of Entertainment. A few weeks ago, Atlanta Film and TV hosted a conversation with Dominique and Tim Treadwell of Reviews in Black and the founders of Cinemationship.

Who Are Dominique and Tim Treadwell?

Originally from Chicago, IL, Tim spent his time growing up between baseball, music, and movie theaters. $5 Tuesdays were a tradition with his family, and when coupled with regular movie nights at home, he grew to love cinema through a variety of films such as Ghostbusters, Harlem Nights, Blazing Saddles, and Spaceballs. Today, when he’s not creating original, melodious music in the studio, Tim is on the prowl for the latest and greatest in modern-day cinema.

“Movies are common ground between different people, a medium that brings people together no matter the background. We can all find something to connect with through their stories.”

Movies were the backbone of Dominique’s tight-knit family. Every week, her father would bring home mountains of DVDs and an abundance of snacks for a movie night after movie night. As a military child, moving around the world allowed her to sample sweet savors from all over, growing her palette for unique delights. With the initial aspirations of creating commercials, Dominique’s career took her both behind and in front of the camera, as well as a formal education in television and video production, giving her an in-depth eye and appreciation for the art of filmmaking. “Every detail in a film should tell it’s own story, not just the words being spoken. It’s the nuisances of cinematography and sound that create a vibe worth watching.

In 2016, Tim and Dominique Treadwell connected over their mutual love for cinema.

Both film enthusiasts came from families where watching movies and attending theaters was a favorite past-time, so it was seamless for Tim and Dominique to enter into their first

commitment as friends. They established their budding relationship as their “cinemationship” – the pledge of watching an extensive list of movies together for an entire year. Soon, Tim and Dominique became the movie authority in their community, frequently being called upon for suggestions on what to watch and their thoughts on various films. From friendship to lifelong partners in marriage, Tim and Dominique launched Reviews in Black, a digital platform where they can share their passion for movies and cinema by hosting movie reviews, sharing cine-ventures through travel publications, and cultivating community through the movie-going experience.


Since COVID-19 and the shutting down of movie theaters, Reviews in Black’s signature

event, a curated dinner-and-a-movie date night experience for couples and groups, was quickly canceled, but the duo still wanted to connect with the movie lovers and somehow recreated that cinema experience at home while quarantined. So they pivoted Cinemationship from a live event into a subscription box service! Currently, Cinemationship is a cinema-inspired box that brings the luxury of movie theater concessions to your living room. We curate each box with an array of unique snacks and beverages centered around a select movie of the month. Subscribers can enjoy on their own (with portion options for solo viewers and partners), or join the Reviews in Black (RIB) Movie Club for their monthly virtual watch parties. Each month is a different movie, a different assortment of movie snacks! Each box will also feature at least one black-owned business in the snack/beverage industry. There are so many great black and minority vendors in the industry, and we want to use our box as a way to give them more space for the deliciousness they are!

Check Out Our Conversation!

You can connect with Dominique and Tim Treadwell on Instagram @inblackreviews and @cinemationshipbox.

Click here if you're interested in purchasing a subscription Cinemationship or if you're wanting to know more about Reviews in Black.

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