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The Atlanta Film Society Hosts its 2023 IMAGE Awards Film Gala

Updated: May 1, 2023

Image of George R.R. Martin (third from left) and L.C. Crowley of Trioscope (second from the right) at this years IMAGE Awards Gala at the Fox Theater in Atlanta

This past Sunday, April 23 The Atlanta Film Society hosted its first in-person IMAGE Film Awards Gala in three years at the Fox Theater. The Gala honors individuals who have made “outstanding contributions to building the state’s film industry and community. Some of the previous award winners include Spike Lee, Will Packer, Burt Reynolds, and Cicely Tyson.

This years awards honorees included, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal (2011 - 2019), President Jimmy Carter, Trioscope, and BronzeLens Film Festival. Additional awards recipients included George R.R. Martin, honored with the Originator Award which recognizes visionaries who are often imitated, never duplicated, and always responsible for setting new industry standards in the film industry. KeKe Palmer, honored with the Ossie Davis Award which recognizes creative excellence, and dynamic contributions to the art of cinema, for her achievements across film, television, and music, all while bringing truth, vulnerability and power to her roles. Lastly, Vincent D’Onofrio, honored with the Phoenix Award, which recognizes Vincent for his 20 + years of acting and now his directorial debut with “Night of the Cooters.”

Below are statements from a few of the honorees in attendance on the red carpet.

Atlanta Film and TV: During your time as governor, did you envision the Film and Tv scene being as big as it is in Georgia?

"We had hopes, and it certainly materialized. There was a very important factor within the growth in our economy and it’s continuing to grow over the years, and I’m very pleased with that."

- Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, (2011 - 2019)

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal (2011 - 2019)

Atlanta Film and TV: Part of the reason why you’re being honored is your originality. What is the key to your originality?

"When I was given the award last night, I thought it was very flattering. But, I always think that I’m standing on the shoulders of giants of great writers that have gone before me. I’m a science fantasy and comic book guy. J.R. Tolkien, and Horbert A. Howard, H.P Lovecraft, Stan Lee and Marvel amongst many other writers, are the people who inspired me. But, I’m working in the tradition that they virtually established, and I’m hoping younger writers that come along, that I can inspire them the same way."

- George R. R. Martin, American Novelist

Atlanta Film and TV: What does this award mean to you?

"We’re grateful to be honored by an entity to Atlanta that is so ingrained in who we are in the film industry. We’re very grateful that our work is recognized as well. Bronze Lens was founded about thirteen years ago, so we feel like we’re the little engine that could. This award means so much to know that our peers that have been here for many years, see the work, and value the work that we do."

- Kathleen Bertrand, BronzeLens Film Festival

Click here to read more about the IMAGE Awards Film Gala, and some of it’s past award recipients.

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