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Spring Into Fitness!

This past weekend, Kid Mover and Shaker, child actor, model, dancer, and pageant queen, Janae Madison, with her mother Jacqueline, organized a fun-filled afternoon for their Spring into Fitness community event, powered by Shana Thornton of Savvy Publicity hosted by Summer Jackson of CBS 46 Atlanta. There were also giveaways, a healthy cooking demonstration from Dr. Monica Moore of Your Premiere Wellness Pediatrics, with special guests Seshambeh Dance Company and Fairview Cheerleaders. The event closed out with girl group, MAKO Girls.

Atlanta Film and TV: Can you share with us what the purpose behind Spring into Fitness?

Janae and Jacqueline Madison: Our purpose is to get families motivated and inspired to make fitness a priority and not make excuses. But make it fun.

Seshambeh Dancers

Atlanta Film and TV: What inspired you to organize the Spring into Fitness?

Janae and Jacqueline Madison: When the weather changes, it gets people excited about going outdoors. But, we wanted to show people not to think about walking when the weather changes but to be more active and find more ways to do that.

Shana Thornton of Savvy Publicity with Dr. Monica Moore

Atlanta Film and TV: What is your hope for families regarding fitness?

Janae and Jacqueline Madison: Our hope for families attending our event is that they will realize that fitness doesn't have to be boring. It only takes about ten minutes of a fun activity to get inspired and your heart rate to get moving.

Girl group MAKO Girls!

Glamour Girl Fitness’ Motto is:

Family, Fun, and Fitness of No Excuses. This is family bonding time through exercise.

To learn more, be sure to visit their website.

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