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Screenwriting Workshops in Atlanta

Photo by Realmac Dan on Unsplash

When I was six-years-old, I was introduced to drama class in elementary school. Inspired by what I learned in that class, I would go home and perform monologues for my mother. That eventually morphed into writing my own plays and performing them for friends, family, and neighbors. As time went on, I discovered my love for storytelling.

While finishing up my Entertainment Business Degree, I began a writing internship at a local studio in Atlanta and assisted with writing a children’s television show pilot titled, “The Adventures Of Cory.” During my time as an intern, I had no clue how to write a screenplay but was willing to learn. It was during this internship that I downloaded my first screenwriting software called Celtx.

After working on a few more film sets, I rediscovered my passion for storytelling but lacked the technique it takes to properly write an industry standard screenplay. In February 2016, I re-enrolled in Full Sail University and eventually earned my MFA in Creative Writing.

You may be a storyteller interested in seeing your ideas on the big screen. Before you take the leap as I did and go back to school, consider the local workshops below to get a taste of what screenwriting is all about.

Are you an aspiring screenwriter and want to know the proper way to format your work? Check out the Alliance Theaters Introduction To Screenwriting class, where you’ll learn how to create a premise, write dialogue that tells a story AND get your screenplay pages started!

Screenplay South is “dedicated to advancing the technique execution and marketability of the work of Southern Screenplay writers.” Listed, are several cohort opportunities, offered by Screenplay South.

Script Feedback and Notes

Writers Room

Screenplay Bootcamp

Want to gain mentorship from some of Hollywood’s top screenwriters, agents, AND producers? Be sure to register for the 2019 Screenwriter’s Craft Summit!

Are you a screenwriter and know of any events or workshops that we may not have mentioned? Well, send us an email to

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