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SAG-AFTRA Strike. What Now?

This past Thursday, June 13th SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild) joined the writers' strike, shutting down Hollywood. According to an article on CNBC News, actors will not be permitted to promote past projects through conventions, interviews, or panels.

You might be an actor wondering what you can do during this time. Below are three tips of things you could be doing during the strike.

  1. Support the Strike: As an actor, you can actively participate in strike activities. Such as attending rallies, picketing, and spreading awareness about the issues at hand. You can also use your platform and advocate for fair treatment and better working conditions for yourself and your fellow actors.

2. Train and Hone Your Skills: As an actor, you can take advantage of the downtime.

and further develop your craft. You can also enroll in acting classes, workshops, or

specialized training programs to enhance your skills, explore new techniques, or learn

about different aspects of the entertainment industry.

3. Take Care of Your Personal Well-Being: The strike period can be mentally and

emotionally stressful. Be sure to prioritize self-care. You can engage in activities that

promote relaxation, such as exercise, or spending quality time with loved ones. Taking

care of your physical and mental well-being, will contribute to your overall resilience

and readiness once the strike ends.

Atlanta Film and TV stands with SAG-AFTRA.

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