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Reviews In Black: Ozark

The New Dynasty of Deception

Ozark - An Original Netflix Series

Tim and Dominque Treadwell, Reviews In Black

If someone would have told me 4 years ago that I would be addicted to a series about money laundering in the boondocks of Missouri, I would have never believed them. Yet here I am losing sleep, sneaking around at work, using every spare moment to binge-watch all three seasons of Ozark, the Netflix original series that has rocked the internet Directed and starring Jason Bateman, alongside industry veteran Laura Linney, this crime thriller keeps you on your toes from Episode One.

Although the series takes place starting in Chicago and then migrates to the Missouri Ozarks, the filming was completed in multiple locations, much done at Lake Allatoona in Georgia.

Jason Bateman plays Marty Byrd, a financial advisor who’s caught up with a Mexican drug cartel, and to save himself and his family from certain death, he strikes a deal to launder $500 million in 5 years in the coastal land of the Missouri Ozarks. Season 1 shows you just how tumultuous and unconventional his family and relationships are, and you go on a journey with him as he uses his business sense to create a laundering masterpiece while trying to keep his family from falling apart. By the time you reach Season 3, there are so many emotions from decisions having to be made that you sway from playing with the idea of being a money launderer yourself to wanting to just turn him into the FBI! This series is dark, sexy, thrilling, intelligent, dysfunctional…basically everything you want in a crime series and more!

As far as we’re concerned here at Reviews in Black, this series is a MUST SEE! All three seasons are currently available on Netflix, so check it out!

By Dominique Treadwell

Reviews in Black

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