"Momagers" Pt 1-Things to Consider

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

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Are you looking to get your child into the entertainment industry? Here are some things to consider beforehand.

According to, a "Momager" is a “mother who is also the business manager for her son or daughter. For the most part, a momager manages entertainment or sports careers for their children.” (

1. Does Your Child Show An interest in Acting or Wanting to be in Front of the Camera?

Sometimes as parents, we try to live vicariously through our children. What I mean is, opportunities may arise for our children that may not have happened for us. If being in front of large audiences or the camera makes them nervous, please do not push them, because it will definitely show! For instance, when they go into an audition, they may freeze or stumble on their words. If acting or being in front of the camera isn’t for them, guess what? It’s okay!

2. How Will You Know?

When I was younger, I showed a natural interest in acting and being on the stage. I absolutely loved acting and performed monologues for my mother. Eventually, I started to write my own productions and perform them before friends, family, and neighbors. In high school, I got involved with the theater department and became a member of the International Thespian Society. Now, I have one child who has the ability to act but shows no interest in being involved with his school’s theater. My husband and I have decided to let him show interest on his own time.

3. Ways To Know

Get your child involved in a church production, or sign them up for a free acting workshop. If in the end it makes them happy, then I say go for it! If not, it’s okay. Maybe large audiences and lights from the camera don’t excite THEM.

4. Questions To Consider

Am I pushing my child into something that they don’t want?

Is this about me, or my child?

Does my child freeze up whenever going into an audition?

A Shortlist of Successful Momagers

Carmen Milan - Mother to actress and singer, Christina Milian.

Pamela Warner - Mother to Actor Malcolm Jamal Warner of The Cosby Show

Bethann Hardison - Mother to Actor Kadeem Hardison, of A Different World

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