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How To Do Business with Atlanta Film and TV

The past few weeks, Atlanta Film and TV has received a lot of demanding messages via Facebook Messenger. Some of the messages have been out of desperation of wanting film and television help, to which we have stated to send an email to the Atlanta Film and TV email.

Today, someone took it upon themselves to send a “Business Inquiry” with the following message:

“It was a pleasure connecting with you through Facebook Messenger.

Per your request, I’m reaching out via email to propose the following question…

Do you keep your business options open to other streams of income, if it doesn’t interfere with what you currently do?

I look forward to hearing from you!”

We have a great memory, and remember this specific person sending a message via messenger. So much so, we remember them specifically asking for acting help. But, when we read the message the first thought that came into mind was, “where was their initial question?” We thought they were passionate about acting, as they came across as demanding.

I am just going to say this flat out. It is highly unprofessional to reach out to ANY business and ask if they are open to other streams of income. That for one is network marketing and it is soliciting - which by the way isn’t illegal. If you have a specific relationship with a business owner, or if you're partnering with them of course it's okay to do business-to-business. If you don't formally have a relationship with a business, then refrain from that being your initial request.

After the person emailed me, I responded by stating since their inquiry was not Atlanta Film and TV related, to refrain from sending any further emails. This person then took it upon themselves to continue emailing us - which is a form of harassment.

I say all this to say that Atlanta Film and TV DOES NOT tolerate any form of harassment. Not only is it unprofessional, but doing so can cause the one harassing trouble.

In review here are some tips to properly contact Atlanta Film and TV

1. If you reach out to us regarding anything Atlanta Film and TV related, that is fine, but do not reach out to us to sell your products, or ask if we want to join your network marketing team.

2. It is always professional to send any business an email instead of sending messages via Facebook Messenger, or via DM on Instagram. If the only connection you have to a specific person is through Facebook and Instagram, ask them what their email address is and contact them that way.

If you have any questions regarding this post, share your questions below in the comment section.

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