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Georgia Pulls Out It’s Secret Weapon To Get Voters To The Polls!

Little powerhouses, all under the age of 9, teamed up to tell Georgians why they need to vote in the Senate run-off election on January 5, 2021. Nicholas Buamah, Cavanaugh Bell, and Janae Madison ask that you get out and vote for their future.

Atlanta Film and TV: Why did you all decide to create this promotional video?

Voting is important because adults are voting for our future. And, if we can encourage at least 100 people or more to vote, then we’ll feel as though we’ve done our part.

- Nicholas Buamah, Janae Madison, and Cavanaugh Bell

For more information on the three powerhouses, you can follow them on Instagram. @nicholasbuamah, @littleglamourgirljanae, and @cooldopeliving.

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