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Five of the Best Podcasts for Screenwriters for 2021

Are you a screenwriter, looking for a podcast to enhance your craft? Below is a list of five of the best podcasts for screenwriters of 2021

Bulletproof Screenwriting Podcast With Alex Ferrari

Bulletproof Screenwriting Podcast with Alex Ferrari takes your screenwriting to the next level by showing you how to make your screenplays bulletproof by interviewing the top screenwriters, story consultants & authors in the film industry. They discuss the craft and business of screenwriting. This is the screenwriting podcast for the rest of us.

Click here to check out the Bulletproof Screenwriting Podcast.

Draft Zero

Two emerging screenwriters – Chas Fisher and Stuart Willis – try to work out what makes great screenplays work. Discovering what it takes by analyzing what successful writers put on the page — and then talking/discussing/arguing about it in a podcast.

Click here for this podcast.

Scriptblast Screenwriting Podcast

Hosted by screenwriter and producer Hudson Phillips, the ScriptBlast Screenwriting Podcast exists to help you write better screenplays and write a better life.

To check out the Scriptblast Screenwriting Podcast, click here.

Selling Your Screenplay Podcast

Selling Your Screenplay Podcast provides practical tips and advice to help you sell your screenplay from produced screenwriter Ashley Scott.

Interested in the Selling Your Screenplay Podcast? Click here.

Write On

Designed to help you navigate the screenwriting industry, Final Draft, interviews working screenwriters, agents, managers, and producers to show you how successful executives and writers make a living writing and working with screenplays, and how you can use their knowledge to break into the industry.

Interested in this podcast? You can listen on Apple Podcast, and click to follow here.

Do you know of any podcasts for screenwriters not mentioned in this post? Send us an email to

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