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Conversations with Atlanta's Movers and Shakers, Tracey Wright of Black Diamond Edible Creations

Tracey Wright, of Black Diamond Creations

A few weeks ago, we were fortunate to have a conversation with self-taught baker Tracey Wright of Black Diamond Edible Creations. Tracey, a native of Hawthorne, Florida, taught herself to bake over 20 years ago, and the results of that project led to the creation of Black Diamond Edible Creations in 2010. This desire to bake has allowed her to create cakes for celebrities like Oscar winner Jamie Foxx, actor/rapper Ice Cube, late legendary director Garry Marshall, actress/comedian Tiffany Haddish and countless others.

The main focus of Black Diamond is to provide an experience through cake that will leave a lasting impression on the cake recipient. We are a made to order custom cake company that brings your ideas to life with attention to detail, while adding realism to your delicious cake.

Atlanta Film and TV: Can you share with us a little bit about who Tracey Wright is?

Tracey Wright: “I am a self-taught baker. I’m a mother to two adult sons, and three grandkids. I am the sister to eleven brothers and sisters. I am someone who loves helping people. I love baking and designing cakes. I love the way that people look when they see the cakes. Their excitement makes my entire day! It makes all the hard work worth it!”

Atlanta Film and TV: Can you take us on your journey from how you self-taught yourself to bake, to where you are now?

Tracey Wright: "I taught myself how to bake 25 years ago as a summer project. But, I didn’t tell anyone that I could bake, I hid that knowledge because sometimes when you tell people you can do something, that is all they will want you to do - and for free! In 2010, I was laid off from my job and needed an income. That year my money was low. Instead of buying gifts, I gave some people baked goods for Christmas. A couple of days later, one of those people called me and wanted to know what I would charge for what I gave them. I told him $45 for the banana pudding. I gave his wife the recipe, and she told her husband the next thing I send her, it better be an invoice!

I started baking cakes, cookies, banana pudding, as well as different pies with the encouragement of my friend Ronda. But, I didn’t think that it would bring me money. I just thought, 'Okay. I’m gonna try it and see what happens.' The first year, I only made $400, and I thought I was doing something!

"Designing cakes was different. I never wanted to design cakes because I had no idea how to do so. But, there was an amazing cake decorator named Sheila Thompson. She told me, “I think you can do it!” I took her up on that, and my very first custom cake was for the rapper 2 Chainz album release party."

- Tracey Wright, Black Diamond Edible Creations

Atlanta Film and TV: How did you begin creating cakes for celebrities?

Tracey Wright: "The year I didn’t work in production, I went to anything that was production-oriented. I went to different meetings,and meetups, and I would collect telephone numbers. One of the telephone numbers was Charlie Jabaley, who was the manager for 2 Chainz. I contacted him about possible doing a cake for the album release and was commissioned to do two cakes. After I designed those cakes, - I received another order for 8 months . My next cake was for the group TLC. When TLC filmed their movie, they needed a cake for the party, and I recreated the Ain’t Too Proud To Beg mural in fondant on the cake. Once the wrap party aired, people saw it on VHI, and TLC shared it on their social media pages. After that, representatives for other music artists began calling me for cakes. I have cakes and desserts for Trinidad James, Michael Keith of 112, Lyfe Jennings, Killer Mike, TI, Bobby Valentino, Xacape and the list goes on and on! "