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Conversations with Atlanta's Movers and Shakers: Maria Liatis and Michael Gorgolione

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Co-Founders of Cartreel Films, LLC.

Cartreel Films, LLC.

Atlanta Film and TV was fortunate to have a conversation with the co-owners of Cartreel Films, LLC., Maria Liatis, and Michael Gorgolione. CartReel Films, LLC., is a company specializing in creating custom-made demo reels since 2014.

How Cartreel Films LLC., came to be:

"I met up with Michael in 2014 and asked if he wanted to start Cartreel Films with me so that it would allow me to write and direct, and for him to film and edit. And, to be able to work with actors in Georgia and help them to create reels for their acting reel. "

- Maria Liatis

Maria Liatis, Co-Founder of Cartreel Films, LLC.

Atlanta Film Can you share with us how you collaborated to form Cartreel Films, LLC, and your journey from how you all started to where you are now?

"I used Cartreel Films as my film school because I just wanted to film. I asked myself, what is a way I can make money and film and practice? I thought Maria's idea was perfect! I looked at it as a way that to get paid to learn! Over time,we became better and better at it. So, we just stuck with it, and then we were like, we have a business going! There was a lot of trial and error about how we do it, but I think we just learned over time. But, it didn't happen overnight."

- Michael Gorgolione

Michael Gorgolione, Co-Founder of Cartreel Films, LLC.

Maria Liatis: It was growth from where we started to where we are now. Our footage looks different, from the more recent stuff to some of the past things. Micahel and I are both growingas writers, cinematographers, and as business. Now, we have a couple of contracted writers, who provide their own writing skills, and we’re doing different kinds of projects.

Atlanta Film and TV: COVID has brought about a paradigm shift over the past year, and technology is being used in the entertainment industry in ways we hadn’t imagined before. Due to how content is now being created, produced, and distributed, in your opinion, how is this advantageous for creatives, and has Cartreel Films had to pivot in any way?

Michael Gorgoline: The internet has opened doors for content creators to create stuff and for companies to use the internet. It’s created a huge demand, and I think it’s more accessible.

Maria Liatis: COVID has not affected Cartreel Films too much, where it has affected us negatively. As far as changing the dynamic, more people are looking to create reels because so much is dependent on virtual submissions. After all, it is important to have your footage. We have been getting a lot of actors ready to shoot their demo reels because they are ready to get back out there. For us as a company, it has been good. We have been blessed because there has been a lot of people that took a heavy hit. But, thankfully how we’ve been doing things has worked.

They also talk about their collaboration with Robert Mello Studios and forming a non-profit with John D. Babcock,

"CartReel Films' focus is on spreading the word on the performing arts in Georgia and how local actors are making it work without having to leave Georgia. The different avenues actors and performers can go into like, writing, directing, and voiceovers. We want people to realize the talent here is just as good. We also want to be able to contribute back to the education of the artist. And to make sure we are always up to par with Chicago and New York. "

-Maria Liatis

Atlanta Film and TV: Looking ahead, what can we expect next from Cartreel Films?

Michael Gorgolione: We want to keep growing the company with the reels, and we also want to start working with other nonprofits. We also want to move into documentary work and continue making films.

Maria Liatis: We are going to continue providing the services that we are with actors. Hopefully, after we collaborate with Rob Mello, we will have a better idea how we will incorporate an actual acting school with what Cartreel provides. We will mesh our footage with an acting class.

Click here to watch our entire conversation.

You can get in touch with both Maria and Michael below.

Maria Latis @marialiatis on Instagram, Website: Maria Liatis on Facebook

Michael Gorgolione @tiltygobyebye on Instagram. Website:

@cartreelfilms on Instagram. Website: and you can email Cartreel films at

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