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Conversations with Atlanta's Movers and Shakers Kid Edition, Janae Madison

Child Actor, Model, Dancer & Pageant Queen, Janae Madison

A few weeks ago, we were fortunate to have a conversation with nine-year-old fourth-grade energetic and spunky child Actor, Model, Dancer, and Pageant Queen, Janae Madison!

Janae shares that reading is her favorite subject and says that Math and Social Studies are two hard subjects. She also says that seeing her friends and learning new things is what excites her about school.

Janae shares that:

"Acting and meeting new people is what made her first on-set experience a lot of fun! And, she likes to be sure she always looks good."

Atlanta Film and TV: Can you share with us about some of the other films, and stage plays you’ve been in?

Janae Madison: "In 2019, I was in Broken in Beautiful Places, put on at the Macon Theater. Performing in this play was a lot of fun because I got to play little Casey. The role was fun but sad because I had to act like I didn’t want my dad to go because it would have broken up our family.I also filmed an acting reel right before school started, and performed my favorite monologue A Star Is Born. Lastly, this past summer, I went to an actors showcase in Hollywood."

Atlanta Film and TV: What went through your mind when you got the callback letting you know you were chosen to audition in Hollywood?

Janae Madison: "I received the callback in 2019, and it was exciting! I was supposed to go in 2020, but because of the pandemic, we went this summer. I loved going to California because I was able to fly on a plane, which was amazing! And, I want to live there because it’s so beautiful. I also want to make new opportunities, and meet new people."

Atlanta Film and TV: What was your experience like when you trained in Hollywood?

Janae Madison: "It was a great experience. We had classes in the hotel we stayed at. We also got to meet some celebrities which was really cool - and they led us in our classes. The celebrities helped us to “spice up” our monologues, which helped to prepare for our showcase."

Atlanta Film and TV: You got to meet Adrian R’Mante from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Can you share with us what that experience was like?

Janae Madison: "It was so cool, because I watch the Suite Life of Zack and Cody on TV ALL THE TIME!"

Atlanta Film and TV: You are the proud owner of Glamour Girl Fitness, Inc. Can you talk to us about that, and how people can get involved?

Janae Madison: I am actually the co-President, and my mom is the President, and we are a non-profit organization. We have an event coming up on November 6th, in Ellenwood, GA @getfitglamourgirlstyle

As the co-president of Glamour Girl Fitness, I motivate and inspire kids to get up and get moving. I say you know what? Why don’t you get up with me! It’s very much fun!

Atlanta Film and TV: Why do you want to be President one day?

Janae Madison: I want to be president, so I can inspire other young girls to speak up, and let them know they have a voice. And that they can stand up for things they truly believe in!

To connect with Janae, be sure to follow her on Instagram @littleglamourgirl_janae And check out her website at

If you're interested in attending the Fall Into Fitness Event, be sure to follow Janae’s Mom, Jacqueline Madison on Instagram @getfitglamourgirlstyle

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