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Competition in this business can serve you well —or work against you. The longer you’re in the business and working consistently to get better, your competition will decrease. Some people will start families, and the'll move away. The emotional toll of the business will get to them, or they’ll just become uninterested in the slow rate of success they’re having. It’s all understandable. But for those who are around for the long haul, your competition will begin to decrease. It’s easy to get upset or frustrated by seeing things happen to other people in the industry. You will often wonder how it happened for them and not you, or why it happened to them and not you? I want to challenge you to not allow your mind wander in this direction. It’ll serve no purpose for you. You’ll end up upset at them, the business, and yourself because things aren’t happening how you want them to. I want to challenge you to use competition as motivation and as inspiration.

If you’re truly in this for the long haul, you have to believe that your time will come. But, it’s not going to be handed to you. It’s not going to magically happen. You’re going to have to be relentless to get where you want to be in the most competitive business in the world. It is possible to have success in the entertainment business. But a part of having this success is your mindset. See your competition as only good things. Others are doing their thing to motivate and inspire you and to let you know that it’s possible for you too. Remember, this is your calling.

Stay positive.

Stay focused.

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