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The Devil’s Tuning

A historical musical biopic feature film based on the life of Blues legend, Robert Johnson.

Atlanta, GA November 11, 2019

Raising Lazarus Pictures in conjunction with 1st Dibz Productions announce the development of the historical feature film, The Devil’s Tuning, a musical biopic based on the life of Blues legend, Robert Johnson. Johnson supposedly sold his soul to Satan for talent and fame. The original founder of the 27 club and the first king of the Blues, Johnson died mysteriously before his 29 songs were ever released.

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

Pre-production is underway and shooting production will begin in April of 2020. The film plans to shoot in Georgia. James C. Hunter, an up-and-coming indie producer with several awards and nominations under his belt will produce the film along with Matthew Hawk Eldridge, who wrote the screenplay. The duo is joined by one of Atlanta’s finest guitar players, Tomi Martin, who has played for Michael Jackson, Madonna, OutKast, Mick Jagger, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and many others. Martin will fill the roles of producer, music director, and he will play the antagonist of the film.

The film company is currently talking with several big-named actors and musicians to fill the various roles and will soon announce the role of Robert Johnson. Serious investors are welcome to join the team.

Raising Lazarus Pictures / 1st Dibz Productions


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