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Ben Taylor - An Honorary Atlanta Film and TV Atlanta Mover and Shaker

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

The "Commercial King" Ben Taylor

Atlanta Film and TV was looking forward to requesting an interview for our Conversations with Atlanta’s Movers and Shakers series with Ben Taylor, “The Commercial King,” in early 2022. This past Sunday, December 26 (two days after his birthday) Ben passed away. We want to take the time to honor his life by including him as Atlanta Film and TV’s Honorary Atlanta Mover and Shaker.

Ben Taylor portraying a Dentist in an AFLAC ad.

The Atlanta Film Community has lost a great man of God, who was full of life and could light up any room he entered.

Atlanta Film and TV will be creating a montage video honoring Ben Taylor’s life and work. If you have any pictures or memories you would like to share, send us an email at

*Please send all pictures and memories no later than 12/31 by noon. **

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