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Atlanta's Movers and Shakers: Michael Angelo

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Award-Winning Filmmaker, and CEO of Mangelo Productions, Michael Angelo

This week, Atlanta Film and TV had the opportunity to interview award-winning filmmaker and CEO Michael Angelo, of Mangelo Productions Network. “Mangelo Productions Network, is an Atlanta-based film company that was created in 2008, and works hard to become synonymous with making quality films and delivering unique stories with a twist.”

Atlanta Film and TV: In what capacities have you been involved in the Atlanta Film Industry?

Michael Angelo: I have served as an Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Executive Producer, and Filmmaker. Currently, I am in the process of working on distributing my project that I wrote and Dream On Dreamer that I wrote and directed. The other films that I have written and directed include, Imprisoned By Love, Words To Kill, Single In The ATL, 1 & 2

Atlanta FIlm and TV: When you first started in the Atlanta film scene, did you contemplate moving to a larger market like L.A. or NY?

Michael Angelo: Yes, currently I reside in L.A., but I still film in New York, Miami, Chicago, and Atlanta for now and constantly working in the industry. It is a tough process due to all of the traveling but, it is what I signed up for.

Atlanta Film and TV: What projects do you have on the horizon?

Michael Angelo: I have a new project titled Dream on Dreamer which is the new and highly anticipated television series from the Mangelo Productions Network Camp, that I also wrote and directed.

Atlanta Film and TV: What do you think the future holds for the Atlanta Film and TV scene?

Michael Angelo: Atlanta is a Mecca for new filming and it’s a great place to work within the film industry. So many wonderful projects are coming out of the Atlanta area and I definitely look forward to continued success in this market.

Atlanta Film and TV: What encouragement do you have for actors and content creators in Atlanta?

Michael Angelo: Continue to strive for excellence and never let others put a worth on your talents and abilities. Only God knows what’s in store for you. Stay focused on your goals.

For more information about Michael Angelo and Mangelo Productions Network, be sure to check out his website!

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