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Conversations with Atlanta's Movers and Shakers, Kid Edition: Nicholas Buamah

Updated: May 30, 2021

Child Author, Recording Artist, and the youngest Executive Producer, Nicholas Buamah

Atlanta Film and TV was fortunate to have a second conversation with 10-year-old Nicholas Buamah. We first spoke with Nicholas in April 2020, where he told us about his book, Kayla and Kyle the Walking Dictionaries: Election Day. He shared about being a guest on The Steve Harvey Show and being honored by Whoopi Goldberg on The View for being accepted into the Library of Congress.

Born to a Ghanaian father and African-American Mother, Nicholas is passionate about his cultural roots. He has dedicated his 501c3 non-profit, Books Without Borders, Inc., to help equip youth in underprivileged communities, such as Ghana, with educational resources to help them thrive and break barriers.

Nicholas recently became one of the youngest Recording Artists, and Music Producers registered to BMI. He also launched his musical debut ‘On The Clock’ on February 14, 2021. And is the co-writer and Executive Producer on the multi-artist hip-hop track and music video, which brings youth positivity to social justice, kid empowerment, and personal affirmation.

Atlanta Film and TV: We last spoke with you in April 2020. Could you talk to us about what you have been up to since then?

Nichola Buamah: I have three books that will be released this year. One of them is a Christmas book that I co-authored with my mom. I have another Kayla and Kyle The Walking Dictionaries book coming out. I also have a music video that I produced that was released on Valentine’s Day.

Nicholas shares how he's been keeping busy during COVID.

"I’ve been making music videos, writing books, and doing everyday things that kids do, and most importantly, I’m enjoying myself!"

- Nicholas Buamah

Atlanta Film and TV: COVID may have slowed things down a bit, but can you share with us what your non-profit Books without Borders have been up to since we last spoke?

Nicholas Buamah: Usually, I donate books and school supplies, but now I have donated essential supplies to an orphanage and a children’s hospital both in Ghana.

Atlanta Film and TV: The last time we spoke with you, you shared with us about your book Kayla and Kyle The Walking Dictionaries. Can you share with us your latest book Kayla and Kyle The Walking Dictionaries: A Puppy Surprise?

Nicholas Buamah: Kayla and Kyle The Walking Dictionaries: A Puppy Surprise will be released any day now! I named this book A Puppy Surprise because I wanted a puppy and thought maybe if I wrote a story about a puppy, it’ll perhaps convince my parents to surprise me with one!

Atlanta Film and TV: You’ve partnered with Dr. Timbrala Marshall of VCA Hospitals and the Atlanta Humane Society for your latest book. Can you share with us about that?

Nicholas Buamah: I partnered with Dr. Timbrala Marshall of VCA Hospitals and The Atlanta Humane Society because they work with puppies. And, if someone takes their puppy for a check-up at either The VCA Hospital or The Atlanta Humane Society, they will receive a free copy of my book! While supplies last.

Atlanta Film and TV: You collaborated on a TV show pilot with your mom. Can you share with us that experience?

Nicholas Buamah: I can’t share too much information about our TV show pilot, because it’s still in progress. But, what I can tell you is my mom, and I collaborated with another writer, Nicholas Nettles, and our show will be a sitcom. So, hopefully, it’ll be coming to a TV screen near you!

Recently, Nicholas has become the youngest recording artist and executive producer registered with BMI, launching his debut song "On The Clock." He shares his inspiration behind the song and his experience creating and filming the music video.

"On The Clock came about when I did a photoshoot with Creative Soul Photography, and the photoshoot was of me being a boss, king, and warrior. After my photoshoot, I walked around my house, stating that I was those things. I thought that maybe I should take the words boss, king, and warrior and make it into a song. So, I called my aunt Micki and my uncle Mill and told them about my idea. Eventually, we took my vision and created the music for the song. Afterward, I got forty of my friends to come and film the “On The Clock" Music Video which was a lot of fun!"

- Nicholas Buamah

Atlanta Film and TV: Talk to us about your #ONTHECLOCK Challenge, where you’re giving away up to $3,000 to a single household.

Nicholas Buamah: Beginning June 1, people can use thirty seconds of the music from On The Clock. And, one boy and a girl will win $1500 (or $3000 if they live in the same household) when they present themselves as either a boss, king, or warrior, or you can show yourself being all three. People can submit their videos to TicTock, Instagram Stories, and on Facebook. Those who submit videos also have to be sure they follow Nicholas on Instagram and have to use the hashtag #ONTHECLOCKCHALLENGE and tag @NicholasBuamah Lastly, we will have a panel of celebrity judges who will select the winners!

The celebrity judges will include, DeAnthony Melton - NBA player for the Memphis Grizzlies, Chef Jenard - Host of New Soul Kitchen, and Author, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker, Rob Hill Sr.

Atlanta Film and TV: You recently created an 85 South show parody with your friends Janae and Cavanaugh. Can you share with us the inspiration behind that and what your experience was like during filming?

Nicholas Buamah: How our parody video came about was one day I was scrolling through YouTube, and I saw the 85 South Show’s slo-mo shot. After watching it, I wanted to create the video myself. I called my friends Janae and Cavanaugh, and we filmed our parody video. The cars we used in our video were two Corvettes and a Maserati truck, and I honestly wish we could’ve bought the cars instead of renting them because they were dope!

Atlanta Film and TV: After creating the parody video, you made an appearance on the 85 South Show. Can you share with us how that came about?

Nicholas Buamah: The producers of the 85 South Show reached out because they wanted me to be on a show they were hosting on Black Excellence. I was also able to bring my friends Cavanaugh and Janae since they were in the parody music video with me. Being on the 85 South Show was an awesome experience, and it’s something I will never forget.

Atlanta Film and TV: Can you share with our readers about the Young Gents Inaugural Golf Classic that you’re a part of, and share how people can become a sponsor?

Nicholas Buamah: The Young Gents Inaugural Golf Classic will take place on Monday, July 26 at the Country Club of the South in Johns Creek, GA. And, we have chosen to give all net proceeds to The Sickle Cell Foundation at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta-Hughes Spalding.

For more on Nicholas Buamah, be sure to check out his website. You can also follow him on Instagram @nichloasbuamah and for more on The Young Gents, you can follow them @younggentsinc

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