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Atlanta's Movers and Shakers, CEO of Onsite Eduction Anywhere, Eddie Sanders

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Eddie Sanders, CEO of Onsite Education Everywhere

Atlanta Film and TV: Could you give us some background on OnSite Education Anywhere?

Eddie Sanders: OSEA came about when I decided to marry my two passions, entertainment, and education. Since I was a child, I desired to work in the entertainment industry. As a child, I believed that I would be in front of the camera as an actor or singer (yes I can sing a little and write a song when I feel like it.) However, as I grew older I realized that I wasn’t very passionate about being in front of the camera as much as I thought, but I still had an itch for entertainment. I also had a passion for affluent or famous individuals; I’ve never been star struck, but I’ve always cared about them beyond what they had to offer the world or their community. I always asked myself questions like “I wonder does he or she have someone that they can be themselves around?” It was when Whitney Houston died, and we learned of the relationship that she had with gospel singer Kim Burrell that I solidified my desire to work in entertainment. I would say “I’m supposed to be the Kim to someones Whitney.” Kim is a star in her own right, but she served Whitney. From that point on, I would say that I desired to be a Personal Assistant in the entertainment industry because I believed that this would be the best way to get my foot in the door. I had plans of going from a Personal Assistant to a Traveling Manager, to a Life Coach. I thought I had it all figured out.

To make a long story short, I decided to move to Atlanta in 2015 to pursue a job behind the scenes in entertainment. I needed a job to pay the bills and since I was certified to teach, I decided to become a teacher in Atlanta Public School System. For about 2 years, I lost the desire to work in entertainment because I’d become consumed with teaching. It was when I became a part of a church plant and fellow members started asking me questions like “What brought you to Atlanta?” that was when I remembered my initial desire to work in entertainment.

I started to pursue entertainment again, but I could not ignore my love for education and shaping the minds of youth. For a while, I would say “I want to be the Personal Assistant for a celebrity with children so that I can tutor them on the side. This way, I won’t totally neglect my call to educate. One day I asked myself “Who tutors and who homeschools the children of celebrities? Or, who tutors for working minors on movie sets and tours?” My answer was, “I will.” It was then that OnSite Education Anywhere, OSEA, was born.

Atlanta Film and TV: What types of clients do you serve?

Eddie Sanders: I serve working minors in need of educational services, the average family that needs assistance with facilitating their homeschool program, traveling families, and affluent families. Pretty much anyone in the metro Atlanta seeking my services. But I am looking for OSEA to be major within the entertainment and sports industries.

Atlanta Film and TV: Where are you located?

Eddie Sanders: We are located in Atlanta, GA. But, OSEA will travel all over.

Atlanta Film and TV: How long have you been teaching?

Eddie Sanders: I’ve been teaching in the public school sector for the past 5 years, but my start in education began when I was a junior in undergrad, and I served as a Teacher’s Assistant Intern at a local alternative school in Savannah, GA until I graduated. In high school, I had an unofficial tutoring company where I tutored my “play” cousins and other peers within my community.

Atlanta Film and TV: What made you decide that you wanted to become an onsite educator?

Eddie Sanders: Becoming an onsite educator leaves room for me to meet the needs of individual students and families on a more personable level. It allows me to be creative without restraints, and I am able to build curriculums for families that address the individual needs, belief systems, and interests of the families being served. I believe that with public education there is room for creativity, but as an onsite educator, one is able to push the limits even further while addressing state standards simultaneously.

Atlanta Film and TV: Is there a particular curriculum that you use?

Eddie Sanders: No. But, if there was a particular curriculum, then I would not be consistent with my motto, “Education Wherever, Education Whenever - Your Way.” I do, however, use Georgia Standards of Excellence and the state advised scope and sequence in order to ensure that students remain on track with state expectations so that their education remains compatible. And, just in case they ever need to return to a public school. However, I will build an individualized curriculum for families and students based on the individual needs, belief systems, and interests of the families. I really enjoy the Project Based Learning approach.

Atlanta FIlm and TV: How does an onsite educator differ from an in the classroom M-F teacher?

Eddie Sanders: An onsite educator differs greatly from your regular Monday through Friday classroom teacher. However, there are many ways in which the two are similar. An onsite teacher provides a concierge educational service and is more intertwined within families, and does all that they can to accommodate the lifestyles and schedules of the families that they serve. Nevertheless, an onsite educator is expected to maintain the level of professionalism that a classroom teacher does. An onset teacher should also maintain data like a classroom teacher.

Atlanta Film and TV: What film and or television sets have you homeschooled on so far?

Eddie Sanders: None so far, but I do hope to one day work on a set for FOX, at Tyler Perry Studios, ABC, and all other companies under the Turner Broadcasting umbrella.

Atlanta Film and TV: With the entertainment industry booming in Atlanta, what is your prediction for onsite homeschooling?

Eddie Sanders: I predict that OSEA will be a household name not only in the entertainment industry, but in the sports industry, and in average homes. I envision athletes, businessmen. being nervous about uprooting their families because of educational purposes, and coaches, or the powers that be, will say, “We have that taken care of.” All along they will be referencing OSEA. I will also be starting a campaign encouraging entertainers and athletes of all ages to obtain their high school diploma or GED. OSEA would tutor them through the process. I would also like for OSEA to one day be a company that contracts substitute teachers for local public schools in Atlanta. One day you will walk through the airport and hear of OSEA. There will be DELTA. Then, there will OSEA. OnSite Education Anywhere.


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