Atlanta's Movers and Shakers: Autumn Bailey of Autumn Bailey Entertainment

Autumn Bailey of Autumn Bailey Entertainment

1. Tell us a little about yourself and how you got your start in the entertainment industry.

I have been working in the entertainment industry for over 15 years and have produced more than 35 feature films. I started by interning at different production companies, wanting to understand the business side of the industry and how projects make money. I pride myself on producing projects that have my artistic stamp of approval and that will make some kind of profit as well. I also have a degree from Shaw University.

2. Can you tell us a little about Autumn Bailey Entertainment & Prominent Productions?

Autumn Bailey Entertainment’s headquarters is in Atlanta, GA. We are a company responsible for the development and physical production of film and television productions, currently focusing on serving niche markets. As a producer I may find a script I’d like to work on with a writer or sometimes even come up with an idea and collaborate with a writer, implementing ideas I’d like to see come to life.

I also buy 5-8 books online a month to see what I can option to adapt into a film. As a producer, I do everything I can to help bring an idea to life and see it through. I am also moving over into the TV world after 15 years of producing feature films. I am excited about the TV shows I will be Executive Producing.

Additionally, Prominent Productions is based in Beverly Hills, California and is ran alongside Cameron Burnett. It is a full-service Film & Television Production company responsible for development and physical production. We have a full slate of TV and Feature Films coming soon. It's been hard running two separate companies but I am starting to understand how to balance them as they are not the same.

3. Who would you consider to be your mentor in the entertainment industry? And, could you tell us one valuable lesson that they taught you?

Devon Franklin has been a mentor to me for over 10 - years. He’s helped me to understand how to use my faith in the industry and how not to be afraid to say no. He’s also helped me to understand my value as a producer.

4. Can you give us some background on Get Connected and the purpose behind it?

I started Get Connected when I first moved to Atlanta. At that time, there wasn’t a place that I could go to network and get plugged in with other industry professionals and hopefuls. I wanted to create a space where everyone would feel welcome and at the same time raise money for various charities. I was raised to always give back and lift others up. I wanted Get Connected to be a place for ALL, no matter if you were a newbie or a veteran. It’s a safe space for industry professionals.

5. Can you tell us a little bit about the Get Connected Atlanta and Final Touch Production Film Grant?

This idea is another way to give back. I work hard in the industry and have been blessed through that hard work. I wanted to extend an opportunity to local content creators to get some seed funding. I want to be able to give my personal money to filmmakers so they can bring their ideas to life. $10k might not be a lot, but it could be enough for some filmmakers to get an idea off of the ground.

6. How have you seen Atlanta’s Film and TV industry change in the last five years?

I’ve seen it change by all the crews, content creators and people stepping out in faith moving here and creating their own projects. I support everyone in the Georgia Entertainment community and I wish them the best no matter the level they are. Just keep going and never give up.

7. What advice can you give to content creators who would like to pitch their projects to a network and or a producer?

When you pitch an idea, you must include the possible business benefits of your idea and not just how creative or unique it sounds. Investors are interested in making a return. Show them that you have some idea how your project will give them that ROI. Also, I recommend taking a legal and business class in Entertainment if you did not attend college.

I would like to leave by saying when you believe you can achieve. Nothing has ever been handed to me. I truly work hard and I base both my companies on integrity and honesty and FAITH.I love making amazing art and I am excited about the future of Autumn Bailey Entertainment and Prominent Productions.

For more information, be sure to check out Autumn Bailey’s website.

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