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Atlanta Film and TV visits Pinewood Forest, Part II

Breathtaking views...interesting architecture...a Hollywood backlot feel all describe Pinewood Forest. I am Mandisa’s (blogger, journalist, chief editor of Atlanta Film and TV) husband, Eddie, and I got a chance to tag-along visit this place.

Short Ride...Relatively

Pinewood Forest is located in Fayetteville Georgia, about 45 solid minutes from our home in Decatur. I was pleasantly surprised as I’d always imagined Fayetteville being an hour or more away. If you are a resident of Pinewood Forest or an actor working at Pinewood Studios staying in one of the properties it is far enough to give the feeling of seclusion that some creatives need, yet close enough to Downtown Atlanta to grab dinner or catch a show at the Fox.

Breathtaking Views

The landscaping of the property is a sight to behold. Dan Cathy, the visionary for this property, actually designed some of the landscapes. There is a lake complete with a walking trail. On that trail, there are two state of the art dog parks. There are also a couple of areas that are gathering spaces for residents throughout the property that are expertly and creatively designed. I especially loved the built-in Mancave/She-Shed area.

Interesting Architecture

For most of my adult life in Atlanta, I have seen subdivisions and neighborhoods pop-up with little variation in architecture and design. Pinewood Forest is a feast for the eyes. There are two different builders working on this project which helps fuel the diversity of design. The inside of the homes are smartly designed. To top it off there is a section of homes that are tiny homes. Soon to come are restaurants (not chains), coffee shops and boutiques.

When Mandisa first mentioned Pinewood Forest to me I had my doubts. I thought it was simply some builder throwing up cookie-cutter homes to capitalize on the booming film and tv market. Pinewood Forest is much more than that. It is a continuation of Dan Cathy’s vision. To have a major movie studio in Pinewood Studios and have Pinewood Forest complement the work that happens there shows careful thought and planning.

Interested in taking a tour of Pinewood Forest? Send an email to or by calling 678-519-1008

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