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Atlanta Film and TV at the Black Women In Film Summit, 2020!

This past weekend, Atlanta Film and TV had the opportunity to attend the SOLD OUT 2020 Black Women Film Summit, as a media outlet.

The Black Women Film Summit is a “cultural celebration of black women in arts and education,” and offers many opportunities for those who are involved in the entertainment industry. The day began at 9 am and opened with a Open Welcoming and Scholarship Awards along with several networking opportunities along with a plethora of panels led by industry professionals, such as Acting Do’s and Don’ts with Rhayvnn Drummer, a Hair, Make-up and Wardrobe panel, a Red Carpet Hosting Master class hosted by Francesca Amiker, of WXIA’s Morning Rush ATL and The A Scene. The Summit closed out with a How To Survive As A Black Woman in the Entertainment Industry, “where esteemed panelists shared their entertainment experiences.”

Want to know some of the highlights from the Red Carpet Hosting Master class?

If so, keep reading!

Even as we entered the classroom, Francesca Amiker was full of high-energy. She offered those attending an ABUNDANCE of industry expertise. She taught about everything from how to become a red carpet host to the types of questions you should ask the celebrities you interview.

Francesca Amiker with Ryan Dennis

Just a FEW of the Highlights

When You’re on the Red Carpet

Always bring energy and flair and stand out in a POSITIVE way.

NEVER ask intrusive or offensive questions. There is ALWAYS a tactful way to ask questions!

When Preparing for an Interview

Know who you’re interviewing by researching the talent first! The best piece of advice given was to stalk the talent like you’re their biggest fan. Not literally STALKING them, but by going onto their Instagram and reading the comments they’re getting from fans. Ask the questions that their biggest fans would want to know answers to.

Group Picture after the Red Carpet Master class.

Francesca Amiker on the red carpet at the Black Women Film Summit.

Movie Premieres

When you’re on the red carpet for a movie premiere, be sure that you’ve AT LEAST screened the movie FIRST and jot down any questions you come up with, beforehand.

Most importantly, while on the red carpet have fun!

I honestly don’t want to give away ALL of the pointers given out. However, if you want learn more about hosting on the red carpet, be on the lookout for our interview with Francesca coming soon!

Be sure to stay tuned for a “Atlanta’s Movers and Shakers” interview with Francesca Amiker!

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