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An Interview with Child Actors Jaylin Simone and Jasmin Alyse!

Updated: May 9, 2019

The month of May has been declared American Youth in Film month and this week, Atlanta Film and TV would like to introduce the Rutledge sisters and actors, Jaylin Simone and Jasmine Alyse, both co-hosts of their original news show, The Renaissance Kids, which showcases children in the entertainment industry. The Rutledge sisters also have original projects such as Pictorial Recreation, Actress Dedication, Hidden Figures in Comics as well as Melanated Queens Around The World.

Jaylin has been acting since the age of five and realized her love of acting when she saw a girl about her age on the Disney Channel. Her first acting job was a short film called The Black Book. Typically, Jaylin is nervous whenever she is interviewed on the red carpet, but once the questions start rolling in, all nervousness fades! Most recently, Jaylin worked on the set of The Shining sequel as one of the students in a classroom and as a stand-in for one of the main characters, Abra.

Jaylin Simone

Jasmin, on the other hand, followed in her older sister’s footsteps and realized her love of acting at the age of three, when she began learning Jaylin’s monologues. Her first on-camera acting job was on a short film titled, Secured Tightly and the most recent project she worked on was on an episode of the TV show, Star as a little girl in the grocery store.

When asked about balancing home, school, friends and learning lines both sisters agree that time management is everything.

Jasmin Alyse

One piece of advice the Rutledge sisters have for those their age, desiring to become actors is to:

Jaylin: Be confident in what you do. You can do that by being sure to practice your facial expressions in the mirror.

Jasmin: Always work hard for what you want.

For more information about the Rutledge sisters, be sure to check out their YouTube Channel!

You can also follow them on Instagram @jaylinsimone76 and @jasmin_alyse

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