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Youth In Film and Television: Christian Gabriel Anderson!

Christian Gabriel Anderson

Atlanta Film and TV continues to honor youth in film and television and, today we introduce you to actor Christian Gabriel Anderson. 

Atlanta Film and TV: When did you realize that you had a love for acting?

Christian Gabriel Anderson: I knew I wanted to be an actor when I starred in my second school production in the second grade. I was Charlie in Willy Wonka for kids. It was a feeling that literally addicted me to this craft. I felt like I had discovered a treasure chest full of gold. It was the sensation of being able to step into another character’s shoes and feel all the emotions that the character is feeling. It's being able to feel the atmosphere that the character breathes to imagine another world that brings him to life.

Atlanta Film and TV: How excited were you when you booked your first on-camera job?

Christian Gabriel Anderson: I remember just getting signed to Houghton Talent Agency in 2017 and being excited to audition for my very first job on the TV show, Atlanta. The audition process was exciting for me because I was ready to start acting as a professional and when I booked the job as Dexter in the FUBU episode it was God telling me that I was just beginning and more would come.

Atlanta Film and TV: Can you tell us about your first on-camera acting experience?

Christian Gabriel Anderson: I did not know what to expect from the cast and crew so inside I was screaming, and, on the outside, I remained calm and dedicated to making the scenes the best of my acting ability. Once the show was a wrap Donald Glover told me to keep acting because he said I am good at it. I accomplished my goal to leave an impact on the cast, crew, director, and show creator, Donald Glover.

Atlanta Film and TV: What was it like working with Donald Glover on Atlanta?

Christian Gabriel Anderson: Donald Glover is focused and friendly. He let me stay with him behind the camera when I finished my scenes. Also, he talked about our plans and he listened to all of the actors I was filming with on camera. I would absolutely like to work with him again!

Christian Gabriel Anderson on the set of Atlanta with Donald Glover.

Atlanta Film and TV: How has learning in the theater department in high school, help you with your on-camera acting?

Christian Gabriel Anderson: Acting in the theatre helped me with line memorization as well as character study. The difference is once you are on stage in front of an audience there is not a retake like acting in film and television. I feel well prepared and always off script when I show up for a film and television job.

Atlanta Film and TV: What productions and roles did you have during your High School years?

Christian Gabriel Anderson: These are the major roles in my high school theatre productions: Courfeyrac - Les Misérables (Shuler Award for best overall production) Corey – Fences (won best actor GHSA One Act State Competition), Booster – Jitney (GHSA One Act Competition State Champions) Boy Willie – The Piano Lesson (won best actor and State Champions GHSA One Act Competition), J. Pierrepont Finch – How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. Television Shows and a Feature Film – Atlanta - Dexter, Cobra Kai - Paul, The Gifted – Raoul, My Father’s Keeper – TV One, and Overcomers – Feature Film – Trae.

Atlanta Film and TV: Do you plan to continue working on-camera after you graduate high school?

Christian Gabriel Anderson: Yes. I completed high school on December 20, 2018, and I have been auditioning and taking acting classes. I am going straight to work as a professional actor and attend as many acting classes and workshops to improve my craft as possible. I am also writing my first feature film. Entrepreneurship is big in my family and I started my own production company EyeCideas as well as collaborate with my family’s business – A-HOUSE: design, film, and create.

Atlanta Film and TV: I noticed that you have directed some projects in the past, could you tell us a little bit about those?

Christian Gabriel Anderson: I am passionate about being a filmmaker and it started when I was in the 9th grade. That summer I got the infamous braces, so I opted out of the band because I was in pain trying to blow my trumpet. My Mom suggested Video Production and my first short film “HERO” was developed. My teacher really believed in me and because of Mr. George Moll, I decided to continue as a filmmaker. God has been so good and has opened so many doors for me. I have directed, written, produced and edited over 6 short films, 2 documentaries, 10 commercials/experimental films and 3 music videos that's 21 projects in total and most of these projects were before I was even in the industry. One music video was an official selection for the 2017 All American High School Film Festival in New York, and I attended the Teen Indie Awards as a nominee.

9. Atlanta Film and TV: As an on-camera and stage actor, what piece of advice do you have for those your age, aspiring to be actors?

Christian Gabriel Anderson: Be certain that acting is your calling, or you will be frustrated and impatient with the process. Take classes to improve your acting techniques and methods. Always be professional.

You can follow Christian Gabriel Anderson on Instagram @christianandersonofficial.

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