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Three Events in the "A" Week of November 7 - 13

November 12

Beyond the Hero’s Journey with Anthony Mullins

"Telling a story is simple, right? You take a ‘hero’ and send them on a ‘journey.’ It has a beginning, middle, and end. But what if your story doesn’t fit the formula? What if you’ve got a different story to tell?

In Beyond the Hero’s Journey, BAFTA award-winning screenwriter Anthony Mullins champions one of the most powerful yet most misunderstood concepts in storytelling - character arcs. Using case studies of much-loved films from around the world, including Moonlight, Lady Bird, The Social Network, The Godfather, A Fantastic Woman, Mulholland Drive, Shoplifters, Armour, Inside Llewyn Davis, and Call Me By Your Name, Mullins reveals how to use character arcs to dramatically expand the range of stories you can tell, as well as discover and develop your unique storytelling voice.

Beyond the Hero’s Journey is for every writer, both emerging and experienced who's ever felt there’s more to the story than the narrow confines of traditional writing guides.


This course is a hybrid workshop focusing on craft; it will be held in person at Queensland Writers Centre and live-streamed simultaneously to an online audience. This is a level 1 course for beginner and intermediate writers and is suitable for writers of all levels.

For details on connecting to the livestream, and for answers to frequently asked questions, visit our Live Stream Workshop information page."

November 13

APA Atlanta Presents The Photo Assistants Workshop

“APA Atlanta is thrilled to present an afternoon of workshops dedicated to teaching those new to the photo industry the basics of assisting on a professional photo set.

Workshops will include an overall introduction to an on-set etiquette and conduct, followed by participants breaking out into groups and rotating through workshops covering Grip & Stands, Electric & Cables, Light Modifiers, and Digital & Camera.

Workshops will conclude with an Assistants Challenge that will allow attendees to show off their newly learned skills.


Finally, APA Atlanta members, and Board Members are invited to a happy hour from 5:30 - 7:30 pm to meet the brightest new assistants in town.

This is a FREE event, with proof of vaccination, or negative COVID test required for entry.”

Click here for more information.

November 13 - 14

GPP/Atlanta Film Society presents

The Virtual PA Academy Fall, 2021

TIME: 8am - 6:30pm (minus 45 minute lunch)


COST: $125 non-members, $100 GPP/ATLFS members


The PA Academy was postponed until further notice due to Covid-19.

However, the DGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE, Teamsters, and the Basic Crafts announced that they approved and adopted the Covid-19 Testing and Protocols developed with AMPTP to allow production to safely resume using the Safe Way Forward as the guiding document.

Based on that decision, The PA Academy will restart too, but using a different format. While production work can safely resume, the in-person bootcamp-style format does not meet CDC safety requirements.

The PA Academy is now an ON-LINE ONLY weekend workshop, with same high level of training and instruction. Happening over 2 - 10 hour days, this workshop will be smaller, and more intimate than usual for more individualized attention.

Start your career or improve upon your current skills in the industry with advanced knowledge. The PA Academy shows you what it takes to succeed while preparing you for your first day on set or your transition from a dayplayer to a core crew member. Whether you want to work as an office PA, set PA, or production assistant in another department, The PA Academy teaches you everything you need to know to feel confident in your ability to do the job. But this workshop isn’t just for PAs. It’s for anyone looking to break into the business from camera to G&E and wardrobe to craft service. All the same protocol, terminology, and hiring practices exist no matter where you start your career.

Click here for more information.

Do you know of an event not mentioned in this post? Share about your event below in the comment section!

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