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Three Events in the "A" Week of March 20 - 26

March 22

LS Studios presents Industry Talk with Talent Agent Jacqueline Wheeler

Jacqueline Wheeler is a Film & TV Agent at People Store. She’s formerly a Talent Agent at New York-based Talent Agency, Nicolosi & Co., and is the resident Casting Director for Evening Squire Productions. Jacqueline received her MFA in Acting at Michigan State University. In addition to her MFA, she holds a second degree in Entertainment Business with a concentration in Performance Management. She has taught theater at universities across the United States, and in 2011 she traveled to teach through theater in Istanbul, Turkey. Jacqueline previously worked at Don Buchwald & Associates and Stephanie Holbrook Casting in New York City.

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March 23

LS Studios presents Industry Talk with Casting Director Sara Watkins

Louis Stancil is talking with top industry leaders in the entertainment business.

Guest: Sara Watkins

Sara has seven years of experience in the Film industry. Sara enjoys helping clients navigate through the casting process.


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Bridge 17 & The Cypher’s Den present Writer Wednesday’s

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